There is no need for racism and discrimination against anybody.
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Its a primitive drive which is part of the body's instinctual preservation of what it considers (of its self) which could be a social group, class , race, profession, gender road user pretty much any thing every one has it. Its just some people are better at recognizing it rationalizing it and ether over coming it or trying do deal with the reasons for those differences. In some cases the reason are logical (this group is taking some thing from my group), some are experience based (I saw /was attacked buy this group in some way) there is also the 3rd type which is irrational but can be some thing your born with or taught by other or triggered by the previous to types this 3rd kind is an instinctive fear triggering a fight or flight response.

I agree, I hope for a better world for you, actually I hope for the world that I grew up in. I'm a blended person, half black, half white, like Obama. my parents bff's were black. As a kid I had three bfs, one was black, one was white, one was Japanese. As an adult I no longer have my black friend, thanks to Obama, she said I was racist.

My hope for you is that people are people and Americans and stop this victim ****.


I think it is quite sensible to discriminate against serial killers.

I totally agree

Stupid people?

I discriminate against rapists and murderers...