I've been holding this in for a long time but, there is no point of racism at all. If you know that they haven't created their own skin, then why judge them just because of that. No race is perfect so if one race thinks they are dominant.... well you're not at all. You're just like everyone else and instead of judging someone by the color of their skin, try not categorizing people with others. prime example is the other day. Just because I'm black, you expect me to be a drop out and never go to college? No because I already graduated and currently in college. Point is that everyone is the same so start acting that way.
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Excellent point!!!!YOU ROCK!!!:)

I agree with you. Unfortunately, there is a long history of judgement based on skin colour, and though it seems - in the younger generations - that it's changing, systemically, society doesn't seem to be getting very far. I feel encouraged though, as a white person, that through publicized events like that in Ferguson, we can begin to open up a very valuable and much needed discussion of how those of colour experience prominent culture in North America. God I hope things will change. It disgusts me to no end, and is more than worthy of the attention of society as a whole. Racism is alive and well. Unfortunately, the one's who deny it are the one's unwittingly (but sometimes willingly) supplying it. I hope I'll see a change in my lifetime.

I concur with that because its sad to live in a world based on the color of another race's skin. Personally, I feel that it should end because color shouldn't matter and not to mention that we possess the same flesh.

So true. Some people have no idea their racist. I lived in iowa for 2 years and it was pretty bad. But I have a feeling it's more ignorance than racism.