I can't believe any of it still exists. Apart from anything else, I don't like people who think they're better than anyone else. People need to recognize that all of us are just the same- we're all folks trying to get through life the best way we can.
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You are my new best friend for saying this.

The immigration issue is upsetting as most people have no clue that EVERYONE with the exception of the Native Americans there and the First Nations natives here in Canada are ALL immigrants!There is such a long history of discrimination that it has saturated our very souls as human beings.We need to step off the media,lay off the hate speeches and look at each other and ask,who is our true enemy?It is ourselves if we allow ourselves to get caught up in a party of hate and follow the masses of the bridge!THINK FOR OURSELVES!If blame has a target for all of these acts of hatred,especially lately,it should be at those who are directing it and not the little people like us who simply have to work,eat and sleep,hard I might add,just to survive another day!I would be happy to have anyone,with morals,come to live in my home(if I had my own,yes I rent:))and also help them get their lives together so we may all work and play without worrying who is going to smite us for our color!Nice post!:)

Amen to that!

It is a shame the world is the way it is.