In my country we pride ourselves as one of the Asian Christian countries but a rural part of our country resides the MILF, a group of Muslim rebellions who waged a war against our government to make their territory as an autonomous region by shooting innocent people... their supposedly brothers and sisters...heck, they even massacred a group of reporters and took a picture of their dead bodies on top of each other.

I for one, am a Filipino and damn proud that I am, but what they are doing is just wrong to our brethren
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Wait, r33ly? There's a terrorist group called MILF?

yep and i suspect they belong to the ISIS by now since they massacred a group of journalist and reporters a few years ago which our government is still not able to do anything about.

I hope things get better soon, and the world moves in a peaceful direction!

what does MILF stands for?

Stands for Moro Islamic liberation federation and not some **** term.

Okay, thanks!


Honestly, I would prefer that if that was the case... but the world ain't as humorous as you think it is


i don't mean the word from
I mean like

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