Not to be racist but why do African Americans like watermelon and fried chicken so much because I've seen a lot of vines about it
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Nigga please

That's racist😡

People do not feed the trolls unless they deserve it. I enjoy trolling as an art form but taking the easy route isn't commendable.

But they're so cute! I like to feed them and scratch under their widdle chins.

Has anyone else noticed that the phrase, "not to be racist," is usually followed by the most racist statement ever uttered? Just an observation.

Its a bit deeper than u think but yea I think its mostly a stereotype. I like both but not that much. But my grandmother tld me some things about it

It's good tasting food no matter the race

I really thought the person was trying to make a joke about the stereotype...I hope you were not serious's a joke about a stereotype. but you are hilarious

Hey im not black,(thank god). But to your Question, look up the history about it. Ed

Ohhhh gosh, I ******* hate this stereotype. If anything, I hate watermelon and I know a lot of people that don't like it either. Lol u can't believe everything u see on the internet.

Lol some don't like watermelon and fried chicken so me I don't like them as much😊

Well, I'm a mixed European white girl and I like watermelon and fried chicken. Maybe spreading stereotypes is part of the problem. Wake up

As others have said, these foods are common in the Southern United States. This southern white girl had fried chicken for dinner earlier this week and watermelon this morning. It is a stereotype to associate these foods with Black people. I hope that we can move beyond stereotypes and recognize the diversity *within* the group that you think of as Black people. Just as there is not one type of White person, there is not one type of Black person. There are Black people who like friend chicken and Black people who hate friend chicken, just as there are White people who like fried chicken and White people who hate fried chicken. There are also Black vegetarians, just as there are White vegetarians. Tastes, styles and preferences differ dramatically among the people *within* any racial or ethnic group.

Hate's racism but is racist himself. I'm black but watermelon isn't my favorite of all fruits and i hate fried chicken.

Ok I'm white and let's be real. Who DOESN'T like watermelon and fried chicken. I have nooo idea why that's considered a black person thing.

i was in amerika for one year and the only thing that counts for african american is big butts and chicken :D

Its mostly just stereotype. I love fried chicken, but I hate watermelon.

I hate fried chicken and watermelon

We don't it's a stereotype. Your skin colour doesn't determine what your tastes are. I don't like fried foods and I don't really like watermelon

White people seem to like both of those things every bit as much as African-Americans. You've probably seen a lot of vines about it because people post a lot of **** on Vine. Don't take the weird stuff you see there too seriously.

My black friend always have watermelon for launch at school he said its black people thing

I do go out...

I'm black.... Aboriginal in australia

I was just asking why they like watermelons so much I'm trying to be racist

ThunderKuntz, he was making a joke out of a racial stereotype. I can assure you that liking watermelon or eating it a lot isn't just a "black people thing".

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I mean we're not the only ones who like watermelon and chicken....

Today I was getting on a bus and a shirtless guy ran up behind me and shouted to the bus WANNA BUY SOME CHICKEN FOR £2.50!?!

This white boy loves both.

Well, they don't really. it is a racist stereotype, and more than likely there are only a few who like it that much. Don't believe everything you see on vines! :P

It can be sometimes. Some people in my school use it in a racist way. ¬_¬ they aren't nice people...

Ok I agree with you but I have to go off topic. How even did you make that face??