Help Us Respond to Glenn Beck's Hate Speeches

Dear friends,

As you may know, right-wing talk show hosts have been bringing
race-based fear mongering into the mainstream, but FOX's Glenn Beck
just took it to another level. On Tuesday, Beck said:

     "This president has exposed himself as a guy over and
     over and over again who has a deep-seated hatred for
     white people... this guy is, I believe, a racist."

It's part of a larger argument Beck has been making: that President
Obama wants to serve the needs of Black communities at White people's
expense. This kind of talk stirs up fear, hate, and it can lead to

I've joined's effort to stop Glenn Beck.
ColorOfChange is already putting calls into Beck's advertisers, asking
them if they want to be associated with this kind of racist hate and
fear-mongering. When the advertisers see that tens of thousands of us
are behind that question, I believe they'll move their advertising
dollars elsewhere, and his show and platform will be history.

Will you take a stand and be counted, and invite your friends and
family to do the same?  It takes just a moment:

Glenn Beck is appealing to the worst in America. Of course, some
Americans refuse to accept the fact that our president is Black or the
idea that he could truly serve all Americans. But the only way these
views fade away is if they're not reinforced by mainstream society.
Instead, folks like Glenn Beck, Lou Dobbs, and Rush Limbaugh are
exploiting racism and race-based fear to bump their ratings, stirring
up racial discord in the process.

The dangers of these tactics are real. We saw the same dynamic during
the presidential race: By the end, the McCain/Palin campaign was
unable to control the violent energy whipped up by their race-baiting.
It resulted in an unprecedented number of threats on Obama's life, a
rise in the number of hate groups, and an increase in the number of
threats and crimes against immigrants and Black people.

FOX has a horrible track record on pushing racist propaganda, but
Glenn Beck appears to be taking the network to an even lower standard.
He's trying to divide and distract America when we should be coming
together and talking about issues that really matter--like health care
and the economy.

The good news is that we have the power to stop this. All major media
is funded by advertising.  And advertisers care more than anything
what consumers think. If we want to change what's happening and put an
end to folks like Glenn Beck having a platform, we can do it.

It's up to us, and it can start now. Please join me:


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"Glenn Beck: Obama agenda driven by 'reparations' and desire to 'settle old racial scores'"

"MSNBC's Deutsch encourages viewers to demand advertisers on Beck's show spend money elsewhere"

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34 Responses Aug 7, 2009

Gosh, I guess Glenn Beck still does have supporters. I don't get it.

glenn beck is an amazing person!

obama went to a racist black church for twenty years why didnt the main stream media have it blasted all over when he was running for the presidency??? people think only white people can be racist! i call bull **** every race has racist not only whites! to maney whites have a guilt trip for **** that happend well over a hundred years ago, if u dont get over it and forgive/forget irt will keep things going on proud of who u r weather your white black asian,imndian whtever race u r, have pride in your heritage and race

I think Glenn Back is being hated on for being truthful. It was Obama who belonged to a church where a ex-mulsim, black freedom theologist presided over Obama's wedding and his daughter's baptisms. It is Obama who race bated in his book in "Dreams of my Father. It is Obama who race baited the press with his Trayvon Martin statements. <br />
<br />
I am really surprised people are still trying to blame Bush for the Fannie May and Freddie Mac debacle that was created by the "Red Zone" race baiters like Carter, Clinton and Obama. Obama's only experience is getting government money for worthless blighted inner cities where the money went to he and his greedy friends.<br />
<br />
I am tired of the racists who assume people like Glenn Beck, and myself call out the truth. I am tired of racists that use it as an agenda or really have have there paradigm built on such false presumptions.

The CURE for All RACISM:<br />
<br />
There are only 2 types of humans being on this Earth...Only 2!<br />
<br />
"Those with brains...and Those with brains that use them."<br />
<br />
I highly suggest defining your Self, and others, by one of these, then go with the flow. Personally, I found the latter option most positive toward greater experience of my lifetime thusfar...mpo, of course.:)<br />
<br />
Good Journey, from here!:)

This person is so small He needs Fox to build him up! Plus he'll be the first one hiddening when all races stand together to fight this Hate Just like the GOP hating anyone making less money or retired or women with kids. Fox things NEWs but sends hate out with doing a fact check.

This topic makes me so mad. Is it fair to say that Bush only looked out for white people... No that will be as closed minded as saying Obama only care for blacks right.. Everyone looks for someone to blame for there struggle but life itself is higher then the color of one skin...I believe a dark soul comes and many shapes,sizes,color, appearance it makes me question one integrity by one statement...because at the end of the day Obama is cleaning up Bush integrity to the people...politics is a touchy subject with all kind of views some see the big picture some people go with the majority some go with incorrect facts of the media... I go with my own views, politician want one thing and one thing only... Oh father have mercy on our government integrity,beliefs, and our new world order... Blessings

iv not yet looked at the point in question though from what you state the man sounds a little disturbed and perhaps embittered .What does bother me though is when people refer to a situation as racist .?Are black African Americans or white Americans a race ? Descrimination .. more likely .. not racism

good point. although if he hates lots of groups equally is that discrimination?

Done :D

Even other commentators on Fox think Beck is losing his grip on reality. It must take quite an internal twist to stay loyal to him with his recent rants.

Done, Pengy!<br />
<br />
so who are the biggest haters out there?

Glenn beck bugs me but today i sort of liked what he said<br />
<br />
how many out there have seen this ? is it true this creep means this?<br />
<br />
this is hard core hate ,not Glenn beck stuff<br />
<br />
you dont listen to real news so you dont know whats out there<br />
<br />
Mexican University Professor Calls For Murder Of All Whites<br />
<br />
<br />

Glenn beck bugs me but today i sort of liked what he said<br />
<br />
how many out there have seen this ? is it true this creep means this?<br />
<br />
this is hard core hate ,not Glenn beck stuff<br />
<br />
you dont listen to real news so you dont know whats out there<br />
<br />
Mexican University Professor Calls For Murder Of All Whites<br />
<br />
<br />

he hated Michail Moore?

he hated Michail Moore?

It is really scary and pathetic how much influence one can have when given a platform from which to shout their beliefs, lies, propaganda. I wish the major networks, especially FOX, were more responsible about the people they choose to fill their timeslots with.<br />
<br />
I know this is America, and freddom of speech is very important to our country and our citizens. However, the least they could do is balance people like Glenn Beck out with more truthful, rational, and better examples of Americans. I can only imagine what people in other countries who watch FOX must think of American citizens, they must think we are all head cases.<br />
<br />
While I think Beck voices a minority opinion, it can appear to be the majority to people who may only get their examples from FOX. What a scary thought.

You have all of my suppport.

Printpants, I hear what you are saying about extremism on both sides. At the individual and collective level, racism is a complex collection of thoughts, assumptions, and emotions; some conscious, some not. To call someone a "racist" is pretty non-specific. I think we are all racist to some degree. Fear is a the base of a great deal of racism. Stereotypes and prejudices internalized from the culture and our families is another base. These are the bases we are most often grappling with in the public forum. The most dangerous form of racism is based in hatred. That is the charge that Beck makes: "This president has exposed himself as a guy over and over and over again who has a deep-seated hatred for white people... this guy is, I believe, a racist." This is a much more serious charge than Al Sharpton picking apart some public figure's comment as evidence of unconscious racism. It is an unfair charge. But, more importantly, it is a dangerous, incendiary charge. With ignorant people out there saying that President Obama is the "AntiChrist" and the kind of fear many harbor about black people, this is the equivalent of yelling "Fire!" in a crowded theatre, and on a much grander scale. It is in a category where I have no problem with putting pressure on advertisers to try to shut down highly irresponsible, inflammatory talk that could result in violence.

that's all well and good, but you need to understand that these people are doing it for the money.Glenn Beck doesn't believe for a minute. He's in it for the money. <br />
That doesn't condone the likes of Sharpton or Jackson. But they are black, so they're not about to get a show on fox.

I have to be brutally honest here. There are always two sides to a coin. Whether Beck is truly a racist or simply says what his audience wants to hear, has an equal on the opposite side of the fence. What of Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton when they rush to a site and start making accusations, screaming on national news outlets about racial issues? What do we often see when there has been no big flare-ups for a long period of time? The likes of Sharpton finding something to start discord over. Racial issues will take years to settle down, and the more they are exploited by extremists on either side of the 'fence', the longer the sores will fester. Every person is unique, different, and, I believe, still entitled to their own beliefs/opinions. We can't legislate that away, and the more an issue is publicly thrashed about by special interest factions, the more people will be polarized and feel threatened. I believe the best course is to walk away from those whom you disagree with, and think before you say anything about anything- "will it be hurtful, harmful, destructive?" If so, keep it to yourself. Let's not forget the New Commandment- Love Thy Neighbor As Yourself- in other words, if you don't want someone saying something or doing something to you or yours, don't do it to them

Sahira,<br />
I signed the petition. Thanks for sending it to me.<br />

Hammerhead,<br />
<br />
Your comment, racism works both ways actually doesn't make sense. Both ways form what?<br />
<br />
You completely failed to define your terms of reference.<br />
<br />
I suspect that you have a germ of an argument in there, but you need to explain it more clearly.<br />
<br />
Regards<br />
<br />

Who's the racist here?

! know you Glenn Beck<br />
A muddy stream<br />
Constanty disturbing the detritus at<br />
The lowest level of your own<br />
Pathetic ecosystem.<br />
<br />
You are nothing more than a<br />
a minor tributary of a stream<br />
Long corrupted by a River riven<br />
dead by constant ingestions of<br />
Oil, benzene and the rotting<br />
Dead weeds of fear and<br />
Ignorance.<br />
<br />
I met you first at the age of five.<br />
My mother protecting me with her<br />
Body.<br />
I only having the impressions of exploding<br />
Glass.<br />
Barely noticing the warmth of blood<br />
on my cheeks.<br />
My childish mind retained the<br />
Nursery Rhyme chant, made obsecene<br />
From the mouths of grown-ups <br />
Made infantile.<br />
<br />
Paki's! Out!<br />
<br />
This was in 1955.<br />
<br />
Believe me.<br />
<br />
I know you<br />
<br />

Good point sbeckett, well said.<br />
<br />
I don't watch Fox or any of the right-wing media BS (no TV, no newspapers for me for a good while now).<br />
<br />
Its redwings2 and people like him who make a difference in the long run not the Glenn Becks of this world.

While I don't condone a lot of what Obama is doing...his race has nothing to do with that. This kind of behavior is an embarassment to the American public who has come so far since the Civil War. Racism is not a productive trait in anyone and it only begets hatred and fear.<br />
<br />
I signed up too.

I'm surprised more have not signed up to this by the time I read your post. Trouble is, people like Rush Limbaugh and this illiterate ******* are financed by a media Oligarchy that is essentially right wing - to the point of fascism. i would so so far as to say that this Oligarchy has destroyed the whole concept of democracy, feeding as it does on greed, fear, division and,if course, racism.<br />
<br />
You have my wholehearted support.<br />
<br />
Well done<br />
<br />
S. Beckett

I've signed. Its disgusting.<br />
<br />
Google "Glenn Beck racist" and what do you find...?

Me, too!

Done. :)

awesome! thank you all... every little bit helps..

Thank you for this post. I have gone to Color of Change signed the document.

redwings2, I've just done it. It's pathetic, isn't it. Over here in England, we don't really get to know too much about Obama's domestic policies, but his got an unholy mess to sort out domestically, to say the least. I believe under Bush, we've come closer than we have since the 80's to some sort of nuclear confrantation, all because of the imbicility of one man and his evangalisstic cohorts, isolationism and childish name calling is not international diplomacy. So far, I think Obama's doing well. The Gates thing, he was spot on in regards to his initial comments.<br />
<br />