There's this racist guy on here named blacklucas42 who just threatened me and then blocked me. This idiot thinks that white people belong at his feet. Please let him know how the real world works since I no longer can.
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Shall I troll him ?

If you want to sure.

you sure do a lot of hating yourself youngster. you hate this you hate that. that's all this world of humans are about is HATE!! away with you all.

I only hate things that should be hated. And I hate when people like you automatically judge me because I'm young. Age doesn't define knowledge experience or wisdom.

you hate yourself.

and I am not one of you.people!!! what you say means nothing to are all wicked and needs extermination. understand that.

Extermination huh? Now who's being hateful? And I don't hate myself at all. I hate what people have turned me into.

into another no good human.that's what.just like the others.soon you will not longer exist.

You sound like Hitler. Who are you to judge me? You don't know me.

I am the winged wolf serpent.a holy outlaw.I hate your species.

You're a lunatic. You're a human being with mental health issues.

you wish kid. I am that darkness that devours the light

And that proves my point. You're crazy.

crazy to the point of watching you all perish.that I am a lunatic about.that will be a glorious day when you are not more.

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If it's who I think it is, what you experienced is typical - and just indicative of someone who is truly out of touch - or thinks for some reason he's entitled to being treated as a superior for some as yet unfound reason - don't feel bad, got the same treatment -

Thanks. I don't feel bad. I'm just trying to make sure he doesn't get away with it.

I understand - but after being here a bit longer, one over time realizes that certain individuals - especially this type - simply don't care what others think, they listen to their own voices and act accordingly - as such, many times, the best way of handling such things is just stand aside, and let them become the victim of their own actions - and save your energy and effort and frustrations for more worthwhile pursuits. As a friend puts it so succinctly, 'the bull learns not to run at the wall after he hits his head on it several times'

Let it go - and relax. Life has its own way of handling these things.