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why are there only 8 members in this group
antiyou antiyou 26-30, F 8 Responses Oct 28, 2007

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Has the word hate in it, hate is now illegal in the UK. A recent law calling hate a crime: has been passed in the UK. This seems to have got through the barrier of otherwise intelligent law-makers, making a thought, for the first time, illegal. Strangely, it is worded so that 'in the opinion of an observer, a hateful statement was observed by a person to another person', ( who may not consider they were the recipient of such a statement). Law enforcement is expected to pause in any investigation of any other suspected crime, to deal with this. I think this came out of the Steven Laurence murder, where the mother had the opinion that police investigators looked like they were looking at her in a racist way, (whatever that means). I have not read the full report . Now hate, in any form is automatically considered to be the worst of all crimes and the authorities must pause to cover this before dealing with members of the public. I think a person who hates is expressing an opinion or preference, that is for them to express and look foolish if it is inappropriate. Raising a thought to a legal solid is pandering to sentimentality.

To be honest, I'm here pretty much to explore one topic. But what the hell, specialization is for insects, right?

I despise what I saw this weekend. I live in a rural location and I like it that way. I enjoy the crickets at night and hearing the wind blowing through the trees. I feel nostalgic about my home and county. It's old and charming. But the vile toxicity of ignorant hate and out right stupidity makes me view this place with an angry contempt. At a camping trip over this labor day weekend some men were playing music for everyone selected in their ipod. One of the songs from which they received the most enjoyment was a song titled "run ni**er run". It clearly was origionally recorded in the early part of the last century with distortion and muted twang. I was sickened and could no longer stay by the bon-fire with the rest. "I'm not prejudice" I remarked to people on the way to my tent. It ruined my evening and stained the weekend which otherwise would have been quite nice. I fight against this everywhere. I don't tell racist jokes anymore nor do I find them humorous. I tell people, "Things are getting better." I do believe they are. What I witnessed at this camp out was ugly. It mad me angry and than deeply sad. I want to tell someone I'm sorry. I feel ashamed.

I did not know about this group till I saw your profile. Of course I had racism and discrimination.

todays a good day to raise the question being Martin Luther King Day. What a great leader, speaker and inspiration he was even here over the Atlantic. Only heared recordings of him, The person who reminds me of him is Nelson Mandela He is a wonderful speaker and inspiration to all who hate discrimination. Heard him live in london a couple of years ago There are somethings that you will remember till the day you die His speach is one of them

--wipes the sweat off my brow--<br />
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i was getting worried

oh ok, i've noticed that sometimes there is 2 or 3 groups that basically mean the same thing.

also there is another group almost just like this one that has 53 members.