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I Want You to Ask Me Why...

I am against discrimination of


Also, I think being straight or gay is discriminatory.

wewantcowbell wewantcowbell 16-17, F 7 Responses Nov 15, 2007

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We as a species fear things we do not know, or at times understand. This is why we label things and also ourselves. Because it helps us to fear the unknown less. Sadly there are those who let their fears overcome them and this is the cause of Discrimination. We need to stop fearing the unknown, because once a thing is known it like the monster in the closet is which is only a robe or a piece of clothing is no longer something to fear.

Gender vs. Sexual Orientation:
Well, I suppose one could look at sexual orientation as a spectrum with a wide range of possibilities, but when it comes down to the biology of gender, what is dictated by our chromosomes is what defines us. Period. (Ya can't argue with DNA)

Gender has a wide range of possibilities too. Even sex isn't as simple as just male and female, there are variations in between..

AS humans we like to label and slot people into cubbyholes, it is just that labelling and means nothing realy

Why are you against personal preferences? Aren't personal preferences the very things that make you a human? And, me? And, that geriatric, African American, Atheist, Transexual in his/her wheelchair over there? Did I leave some out? My bad, boo.

I'm not sure I understand that last statement either. Are you saying you'd use other terms ?

Why is being straight or gay discriminatory? That's like saying "I think being black or white is discriminatory" at least in my opinion.