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          Well I just started this new Job back in January after looking for one for 10 months. I don't need to go into detail about how crazy the economy is at the moment. I'm just thankful for my job. However, I have experienced some racism/discrimination in this short amount of time. Usually this would bother me and i would start looking for another job, but I refuse to keep running from an unavoidable situation. So here goes, Im friendly and respectful to everyone I meet, thats just the way I was raised. I'm the only persone of my race at the whole job. There are 3 different businesses in one building. It was cool with me, because I dont see color. But to say I wasn't expecting some kind of racism would be a lie. When I come in to work in the Morning I say Good Morning to everyone. They don't say anything back. But if somone else comes in they go out of their way to say good morning. I feel like sometimes they do it to rub it in my face. I know I should get thicker skin, but I believe this behavior would bother anyone. I keep asking myself, did I do something wrong. But I know I didn't do anything.  The thing is, I don't really get discrimination from the people I work with directly, (even though a previous situation showed me they can be racist too) just these other folks. Maybe I should just ignore it. i want to stop speaking but I don't want to come across as rude, but then again where did being nice get me? There is no pleasing ignorant people.

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Thanks for your response and you sure said a mouthful,lol. It was insightful and much appreciated. and your right, Im using the kill em with kindness thing. I refuse for someone to bring me down because they dont like me for something I cannot and wouldn't if I could change. Thanks Again Hun

I'm average white in appearance and you are absolutely right when you say such behavior would bother anyone. Racial or not it's, by definition, barbaric. That is, uncivilized. It's also rude, obnoxious, childish and unjustifiable. I am amazed at how few people actually treat others the way they'd like to be treated. Your instinct to not want to be rude is the instinct to follow. Yeah, that requires a thicker skin which is really unfortunate but what alternative do you have? <br />
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You can either treat them the way you want to be treated or treat them the way they treat you.<br />
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I've had to deal with an amazing number of rude, self-absorbed and arrogant morons over the last year in this part-time job I've had to take and I sometimes come close to letting them know what I really feel about them but I go home feeling a lot better about the night's work if I simply make an effort to not let them get to me. I just try to do my best. In the end, positive feedback from customers is common for me and the only complaints I get are about the company and co-workers, not me. Result: boss gives me the option of working more hours with more felixibilty than the co-workers who have been there far longer than me. I just earnestly do my best. Period. I don't like my job, don't like half of the customers and don't like a couple of my co-workers but I really try to treat everyone, like them or not, as I'd like to be treated and it works very well for me.<br />
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I'm no Polyanna. Haters often love to hate and will never change. But if there is ever a cure for hate it's kindness. Subjecting them to common civil courtesy will eventually either drive them insane or bring them around. From my experience, nothing else stands a chance of working and even if it doesn't work you will be able to sleep soundly knowing you're doing the right thing.