Culture Shock

I recently moved to the south from california. As a west coaster i was raised around people of many different races and religions.

I have many close friends of an assortment of races. I've dated chinese, black, mexican, philipino, white, and indian women without even thinking about it. When i discuss attractiveness to my boys i don't care what race someone is, i think all are attractive.

Now i am here in the dirty south and in many places it still seems taboo.

I was talking to my ex-brother in law about Lucy Liu after watching Kill Bill and i said " That Lucy is pretty darn fine."

And he said " What's your problem, you like them yellow girls"?

I said "I don't discriminate and there is no way you can tell me that Lucy Liu isn't smokin hot!!"

He didn't agree and we debated back and forth about dating outside races. He is more along the line of, it's okay to be friends but dating is a nono.

Maybe that's why he's been single for a long time.

I think things are getting better here than what they used to be but it still got a ways to go.

I'm glad i don't take much stock in other folks opinion of my preferences or i would be jumpin from foot to foot trying to please everyone instead of pleasing myself.

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1 Response Jul 17, 2007

I totally understand! I live in a small community in Ohio where dating outside your race is still taboo. Many people in our area take pride in "chasing off" minorities that come to town. Imagine my towns shock when I came out as "bisexual"! I thought the world was going to stop turning based on their reactions! I too have dated people of many races and never based ones attractiveness based on the color of their skin!