Ignorent People!

I work in a newsagencey in a quiet area near Cronulla, in Sydney, Australia (yes near where the "Cronulla Riots" happened, which I might add, I had nothing to do with) This place is probably the most consistently white Anglo place I've ever been in my life, most people here are as racist as they come. A bloke came into my work talking about how the only type of racism around today is "directed at white people" he then proceeded to tell me about how the Islamic people of the world have conspired to out number Christians in Australia...to which I said "and how would you know that? Its not like its ever been publicly announced that that's their intention, if you believe that then you may as well subscribe to the theory that there's a global Jewish conspiracy to take over the world," to which he said, "ohhh mate, thats not a theory, its the bloody truth!" I just shook my head at him and announced the conversation was over...

When will people learn!?

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True, thanks for pointing that out, you may notice i changed it haha