White Girl In "tha Hood"

I am a white female, was born and raised in the country, but I now stay in "the ghetto". I feel like anywhere I go, i am being looked at because I'm white and honestly, not a ****** up white female. Around here, the only white females are trashy and I hate to say that about my own race, but it's true. The black females around here say things to me and about me all the time, regarding my race. I am with a black man, so...they feel the need to bash me because of it?? And no, this is not "reverse racism". There is no such thing. I keep to myself pretty much...go to work, come home and take care of my son. i just hate the fact that because I'm white, I'm nothing and nobody in the eyes of these trashy ghetto wannabes. i have never been racist. I hate racism. But, I feel that I am becoming a little prejudice...of people from "tha hood". Don't judge me because I'm white. These black females should know more than anything what being judged by your race feels like, so why judge someone else?
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There is reverse racism,but I agree with jaggedpitpull,its rude your calling them trashy and saying the hood and ghetto. Always be a lady. No matter how others treat you.

Aren't you being just as ignorant by calling it "tha hood' and calling them trashy white women...and "the ghetto"....it is where you live... either learn to embrace it and find some friends who are not into trouble or do as you are doing and hide...<br />
<br />
BTW the reason you are being looked at and watched and talked about is because you are being uppity...like you do not belong there and they do...you are isolating yourself as well as segregating yourself from them.... in an environment as such people are very aware of their surroundings and they are always watching out for the worst...don't you get that?...put yourself in their shoes for one moment...oh wait...YOU ARE IN THEIR SHOES ...you are no different then they are...

She's not being "uppity" she's reacting because she has been mistreated for no good reason.

Jaggedpitpull I agree with you. If she act\'s like she is better then them of course they won\'t accept her.