Raisins, The Fruit From The Pits Of Hell.

Raisins are disgusting. They are the grossest thing on the planet. How can you take something as delicious as grapes, and then make them taste like [insert vile profanity here].


They take poor helpless defenseless tasty grapes, and then let the poor grapes rot in the sun all day. Raisins are just rotten grapes. And there is no logical reason to eat them.

Raisins are sneaky too. They try to pretend they are chocolate chip cookies, when really, they are oatmeal raisin. How disgusting.

Trust me, I love so many different foods, and I love to eat... but Raisins are a man made blight. I can not and will not eat them.
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3 Responses Sep 9, 2012

Never made you anything that had raisins in it.... So will u come back home help me w these fn wild delinquent kids if yours...­čśŹ

Didn't you write this before? Either that..or someone else wrote something really similar. I totally agree again.

rat poops

They're gross...all sour and nasty

Happy cow happy cow come and play with me..bwahahahaaaaaaaa

the monkey is nasty


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i use to feel like you until a few weeks ago when i found them yogurt coated they tasted amazing that way

i cant eat them plain i gag, but chocolate or yogurt or bread i can do,lol