I Love Rap

It makes me sick to see all of you people hating on rap music when you most likely only listen to mainstream garbage.  If you take some time to listen to some good rap such as the game, Notorious, Eminem, Jay-Z, I think you'll find it much more enjoyable. Do not look up their most popular song but instead listen to multiple songs from that artist before you form a negative opinion of them.  Every rapper has a story to tell. Many rap songs have multiple meanings in every verse that take awhile to recognize and understand.  Another point I would like to make is that there is so much rap that is underground.  Underground music is where some of the best rap resides, hidden from the general public.  For all of you that say "rapping takes no skill", it is quite the opposite.  Yes the mainstream BS which i don't count as rap takes no skill, but being a good lyricist takes an unbelievable amount of skill.  Eminem is one of the greatest lyricist to ever rap and I would encourage you to listen to some of his music.  There is also freestyling which requires you to be very quick witted and intellegent to make a good freestlye.  Watching freestyles will show you that rapping is very difficult and requires much skill.  If after all this, you still do not like rap music, then that's fine but please understand rap music as a whole, not as the mainstream garbage.  
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4 Responses May 3, 2012

The truth.

omg this post ! <3 theres actuly alot of good rappers out there like even now . e.g pro era, tde , funk volume the underachievers their just not really played on tv or the radio, and so agree with the underground music like action bronson ! theeesee people hear rap then think of people like lilwayne

I do too.