Rap Copies Other Songs And Call It Their Own.

So far, I heard two rap songs that my girlfriend listens to that sounds exactly like old songs that were already made by great artists. You Spin Me Right Round. Yeah, there has been some metal remakes of the song too, but they usually call it covers. It makes me mad because she has never heard of the real song. She only heard the rap one that says "you spin me right round when you go down," or some ****. I looked it up, a band named Flo Rida stole it. If you can call that a band name? Also, she showed me this song called "show goes on" by Lupe Fiasco. That's great, but this sounds exactly like a song I heard before called "FLOAT ON" by Mighty Mouse. It seems similar, doesn't it? It's exactly the same. Same exact song, sped up, add rap lyrics that don't make sense, there ya go, a "new" old song. 52million views on youtube. That's way more views than the original band got.
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Add a response...Holy **** I can't even believe how ignorant you sound right now. For one, there's this thing called "sampling". It's when you take parts of another song(paid for by copyrightg of course) and put it in your own song and tweak it a bit. Secondly, you obviously have no idea what you're talking about because you said Flo Rida is a band. -.- He's one guy who came up with a name that sounded unique to him get over it. Third, I bet you didnt even listen to the lyrics in the song "The Show Goes On". It is an uplifting song for most of the minority community. It has great lyrics that help lift your heart up even if you have a loved one thats in a bad situation "The show is going on" I dont even want to begin to comprehend why you based the whole genre on these songs in particular. Oh and dont just think that the rap genre "copies" (samples) music. Ive heard plenty of rock, pop, country, classical, and many more genres that do it. Please inform yourself next time. :) <3

I read a comment once on that ******* Crazy Train Rap disaster. Someone literally thought "the guy" in that song wsas saying, "aighite aighite aighte."

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I read a comment once on that ******* Crazy Train Rap disaster. Someone literally thought "the guy" in that song was saying, "aighte aighte aighte."

your girlfriend listens to Flo Rida! time to get a new girlfriend. However if you think Flo Rida is a band! she needs to get a new boyfriend. If your view on rap music stems from Flo Rida i can see why its so stupid. Please educate yourself on rap music better then your view wont be so useless