I once read this icon that had an acronym for RAP...






Although, I don't like using "retards"..but for the most part it's true. I mean, they destroy the english language just to make words rhyme. it's horrible. and half the time what they're saying holds no true meaning and doesn't even make sense. PLUS, half the time they''re only rapping about getting ***. It's so obnoxious. The only rapper I can tolerate is Eminem, because although he does rap about getting ***, he also raps about his daughter and other real problems that i'm sure someone out there can relate to him with. And kudos to him for being able to tell actual stories with his rap. Not some blah blah blah here and blah blah blah there.

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several rappers tell stories other than Eminem. By you saying that Eminem is the only rapper you can tolerate due to him telling stories it shows you have an extremely main stream view on this genre of music. In great depth you do not know a great deal hence your view becomes useless. You are simply stereotyping then attempting to look interlectual by making reference to Eminem.

I agree, but you can't say thats Rap though, it's a bunch of morons who talk about crap! in fact Pop music is no ******* better? Is it now? All popular music is using autotune and talking about sex is popular amongst women as well. So a typical Black yankees cap man isn't my problem anymore. <br />
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I think people need to think about that instead of thrashing one singular music! Rap is classified as poetry, whether it is spoken in English or not, because there are different dialects and socialects between different people and cultures, so thrashing it in the name of english language is pathetic, because english varies from country to country and cultures. <br />
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what rappers say makes no sense to you but to other people it does, such as reggae many people hate it, but the true fact is that they have no idea of what is said yet they still love to thrash it. Its different dialects and socialects, and most people amongst African Americans, use that socialect, and dialects. <br />
I totally understand that people have a problem with rap music because of what they sing about sometimes, but nowadays pop musicians sing pretty much the same thing, except they have it in a different style. <br />
I know you probably know that, and you are just saying in terms of Rap only, however many famous poets that are similar to Rap is 'Def jam' Poetry style so i wouldn't say it's 'retards attempting Poetry' :) <br />
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Just my opinion :) Please don't bite my head :)