What Is Up With Society?

I currently attend a school where more than 65% of the school is comprised of minorities. Obviously the main issue I experience is finding somone with similar interests in music as I do. I am 15 years old and I despise rap music. It is highly degrading towards women and most of it makes absolutely no sense. I have an extremely strong taste in music some years before my time; I have a fethish for music from the 70's mostly because it is beautiful music and most of the ideas and emotions behind the music relax me. Artists/bands that I really admire include The Jackson 5 (The Jacksons, respectively), Earth, Wind & Fire, The Stylistics, L.T.D., El Debarge, etc. Do not get me wrong, I do listen to some moderna rtists but music now compares nothing to what it was in that decade; it is no longer meaningful and it has lost its pride. It is also sad to say that when many artists remake an older song they take away the intended meaning and make it sound so drab. Rap music is a disgrace to society and it is turning American teenagers insane implanting in them the loss of respect for themselves and others, loss of values, and lack of common sense. If rap was banned from the planet I do believe the world would be in  amuch better position than what it is in today however, I must'nt forget about the lowlifes who indulge on this C"rap".

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I attend a school where 95% of the students there are of many ethnic minorities including me. Deal with it, we're not monsters. But, If you despise rap music please provide legitimate reasons behind doing so before shitposting about it. Let me start proving your points wrong.
1. If you hate it for the sole reason that it degrades women you are horribly mistaken. Not saying that i enjoy the action but you cant just say that one genre does it. In the 70's i could list of ALOT of songs that were pretty vulgar and contained sexually explicit content. Plus the fact that almost everyone in the 70's used drugs so dont try the "it promotes drug use" cliché either.
2. Almost every music genre has sampling and in my opinion, because thats what we all have, it makes some songs sound better because that add new beats and/or vocals to it that make it sound alot more pleasurable to hear. Since, of course, we've created alot more new ways to tweak sounds and songs these days. NOTE: Sampling started in the mid to late 1970's
3. Can you please provide a lost of statistics that say that rap nowadays are increasing insanity in teens? Because i know a pretty decent amount of teens, including myself, that listen to rap music but still have manners, speak without being illiterate, and even make straight A's in all classes.
So can you please get back to me when you sound like a stereotypical caucasian parent that thinks that rap is the bane of the Earth.

My deepest sympathies to you... But believe me, I have it worse: I go to a school where 98% or even more people are of ethnic minority... A lot of people actually play the 'spot the white person' game. Good that I'm leaving this year though... But yeah, rap is a big problem. It makes me soo angry and annoyed whenever I hear it... It's not music really. Music involves talent and instruments.

"the science or art of ordering tones or sounds in succession, in combination, and in temporal relationships to produce a composition having unity and continuity" Hmm i dont see anything about having to have talent or instruments anywhere in the definition of music agreed on upon thousands and thousands of editors. If we went by your blasphemous theory on what music is, we wouldnt have half of the music that is enjoyed by millions worldwide. Think before you speak.