Evil Demon *******

I can honestly say I HATE most redheads with a passion (only females though, guys seem to be ok for the most part even though I prob wouldn't bang one).

In my entire time on this earth, I've known, on average, about 3 redhead girls that are cool (either they are normal people who are unfortunately trapped in a gingers body, or are just confused and have died their hair every color in the rainbow). But these are the EXTREME MINORITY.

Most redheads are manipulating, evil, trashy ***** that manipulate guys' minds and are controlling, abusive *******. WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY the **** do some guys like them so much??? I am sick of going out to a bar/club etc or even at my school, and seeing the most gorgeous dark-haired men talking to/disgustingly making out with/holding hands with A HIDEOUS DEMON GINGER!! I hate how these ******* like to rub it in everyone's face that they are *****, and seem to be PROUD of being loose and easy!! That is just so messed up. They talk all kinds of **** and they can't back up anything that comes out of their ugly, loud, uneducated mouths.

I truly believe that most redhead women are demon spawns that have risen from the underworld as minions of Satan, with the intention of sticking their demon claws into as many beautiful, smart, talented and all-around amazing men as possible just to make life MISERABLE for the women who are hot, intelligent, kind and deserving of one of these gorgeous men. If they are gonna do that ****, why can't they just stick with the ugly and average-looking guys?? Dammit!! I know it sounds just as bad as being a racist or a sexist, but I know there is truth to this because I have WITNESSED IT FIRST HAND on several different occasions. I will make it my duty to send as many of these ******* back to the 7th layer of hell as I can for the sake of all the women and men on this earth who don't deserve to put up with their crap. Throw some holy water, burn them, stab them, do SOMETHING.

Although there is something truly evil about most natural redheads, I also think women who die their hair red (that nasty bright orange color always looks hideous by the way) are doing it because their souls are a festering pit of evil, darkness, and selfish motives and they want their outside to match their inside.

I am SO SICK of hearing guys talk about redheads like they are amazing and beautiful and just oh-so-lovely. THEY ARE UGLY AS **** AND DESERVE TO BE ALONE THEIR WHOLE LIVES!! When I try to convince them that redheads are vile, trashy, seriously ****** up people (if I can even call them people) they're all like "oh nooo I love redhead girls!!" Um, WHY?? I'm sick and tired of guys thinking these ******* are special!! I want to drive a steak through their hearts and make these ***** pay for all the suffering they cause.

I also hate how they walk around with that "I'm-better-than-you" attitude and think they are freaking goddesses or something. Um, no, *******, you may as well hang a blinking sign around you're neck that says "I'm a stuck-up, spiteful, manipulative bitchy **** that has no morals, no concern for other people's feelings, and I get a sick pleasure out of making other women miserable." HOW DO THEY SLEEP AT NIGHT?? Idk...maybe demons don't need to sleep. Do guys think they are so effing great because they are "rare" or something? Last time I checked, most facial deformities like cleft lip are also rare, but that sure as hell does not make it an attractive trait.

One time, I was at a hippie street fair and I was walking with one of my guy friends when an ugly little ginger midget pops out of nowhere and offers him a flower. He takes it, and of course when I proceed to tell him that she could not be trusted and was playing mind control games, he was all like "oh I'll let her control me!!" GUYS, PLEASE STOP BEING WEAK TO THESE LITTLE *****. STAND YOUR GROUND AND DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE MANIPULATED. Anyway, my point is that even though he is not my boyfriend, she didn't know us and saw us walking together and handed him a flower anyway. For all she knew, he COULD HAVE been my boyfriend and she tried to make a move on him anyway. Seriously, redheads have no decency at all!!! It's like their sole purpose is to tear peoples lives apart!!

I swear if I EVER see one of these ******* make a move on my man, SHE WILL SUFFER!! I won't let a redhead ruin my relationships and happiness. I will take a stand to these ******* and I won't give up so easily to their demon powers. I suggest you all do the same, girls AND guys. In the last few months, I've met an awesome guy that I really like and I hope he likes me back...I know he does at least a little but maybe he's afraid of commitment or something...idk. Anyway, I met him online, THANK GOD. My point is that if I had met him in a bar or something, I can pretty much GUARANTEE he would have been with an ugly redhead demon ***** and wouldn't have even noticed my existence. I hope to convince him that redheads are evil and maybe he will learn to resist their demon powers.

I am proud to be a dark-haired woman and the last thing I would want is to look like one of these hideous things. In fact, I go tanning and give myself cancer every day just so I don't have to be pasty like one of these *****.
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You're absolutely right. We are evil and manipulate and most importantly, undeniably powerful. That's why you hate us. You'll never be able to entrance a man like we can and that's okay. Keep on hating, it only makes us stronger. And yes, being loose and still being considered classy is fabulous. It's okay, darling. We love you anyway.

Kisses ;)

This sounds like it was written by a man who had his heart broken by a redhead, especially with a username like ihatefatchicks

I am a redhead by the way and this is legitimately one of the best things i have ever read xD it had me in tears laughing. either you are joking and that cool but make it a little clearer okay?you wouldn't want to offend anyone would ya? or you are being serious and your just an ignorant, immature **** with low self esteem and if that's the case then get over yourself mate. But thank you for writing this, its bullshit like this which i find hilarious, its great xD

The red heads I've been friends with both screwed me over and were horrible friends. I don't know if it was a coincidence or not but I'm not taking my chances ever again.

**** you crazy *****.. what the hell is your problem? redheads getting more **** than your bitter hateful insulting ***? big whoop. grow the **** up.. im a redhead and im ******* awesome... i was really insulted.. but i guess for whatever reason you hate everyone who isnt a brunette.. know who you remind me of? hitler.. he also wanted a perfect world without his idea of inferiority.. so everyone except you sucks huh? your giving the attitude of the exact people your mocking you ******* hypocrite... clear the ******* spiderwebs from your ***** and have a good ****.. you REALLY need it... plus where the **** are you getting your facts? your *******? we are manipulative spawns of satan who purposeully lure poor ususpecting men into our ? what the ****? im a human being, not some evil deity bent on spoiling relationships for you.. sorry youve apparently had more bad luck than good when it comes to men.. have you ever thought that maybe its you? maybe whatever it is you have to offer just isnt all that and a bag of doritos? OMG! there are people out there who are BETTER than you?!? calm down, i know it comes as a shock but there are, deal with it... theres always gonna be someone out there prettier, smarter, and with more to offer than you.. and this goes for everyone.. maybe they are a redhead or a blonde or a ******* giant purple people eater... get the **** over yourself sister...
all my love