Why I Hate Redheads

Well start with some background on me. I'm short and slim and have always been and I love make up and hair design, and also fashion. My sister cares more about video games and avoiding the family. When I was little everybody always would rave about how she has red hair and say nothing about me because I was an awkward kid... Mousy light brown hair, glasses, crooked teeth... The works. Anyways so now my sister has a huge ego over her red hair which isn't very pretty anymore since she doesn't take care of it or style it at all. Whenever I dye my hair a fun new color (I love hair dye and think its such a fun way to change up a look) she says 'well I don't have to dye my hair' or talks about how her hair is her best feature. When I had long hair too she would make it some ridiculous competition over whose was longest. This is a 20 year old. Not a kid. So I had already wanted a change and cut mine to shoulder length. I don't regret it a bit. Sorry this was long but basically I hate redheads because of my sisters ego, and insecurities I've had since I was a kid.
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3 Responses Jan 11, 2013

Then you miss much people. Would you hate all blondes, if she would be one?

Well it is a good thing she wasn't a brunette, then you would have very few people to like.

Cool story bro. Needs more dragons.