Redheads Are Eating Me Inside.

Okay, first of all a little disclaimer. I really don't personally hate redheads (fake nor real) and I myself have had red hair for several occasions, but I hate the way they affect me. This story might be a bit long, but most of all I need and outlet where the comments (if any) won't be links to hot redhead pictures and comments like "Redheads are sexy.". So, here I go.

I'm 21 (now back to my natural blonde with highlights) and I've never had a great selfconfidence. For some reason I've managed to get a boyfriend and we've been in an defined relationship since August 2012 and the whole summer 2012 we saw each other everyday and were like a couple, but just hadn't defined it yet. We first went out in the beginning of March 2012.

The first devastating blow was when I heard that he had slept with one of his best friends (we all go to the same university and study the same major) shortly after we first went out. This still is something I don't quite comprehend as he was the one who wanted a relationship with me. And this girl has red hair (dyed).

The second thing to this is that he absolutely loves redheads. On every single possible device his background is a picture of a redheaded girl. (And believe me, I wouldn't care less if there were boobs or behinds on the screen, but it's always redheads (boobs in the picture or not.) His favourite Disney princess is who else than Ariel and his favourite celebrity is Haley Williams, the redheaded Paramore singer (and he doesn't even listen to them). He has even dedicated a whole section to redheads in this reddit/4chan like thread site in wich the other sections are general, boobs and HoN (game). A whole section to redhead worshiping.

So I don't really feel threatened by redheads, but they are destroying the little hard earned confidence that I've managed to get over the few good years in my life. Every time a see a picture of a redhead I get sad, angry and my guts just turn. Almost every time I need to bite my lip not to cry.

It's not that I think he's going to dump me for a redhead, no, he isn't a douche. But the thing is that he will always love redheads and I can't do anything to change it. It's just like I like asian guys, but I don't like them exclusively, I just as much like regular western men.

I worry that he might like me better with red hair (what I won't dye, because with regular people with not enough money to maintain it montly (like myself), I find it ugly and unflattering). I know some of you might think this is irrational, but think it this way: my boyfriend has a bit of a beergut and I really don't hate it, but I can honestly say that he would look hotter with a bit of abs. So why wouldn't he think the same about my hair especially with his obsession?

Well, anyways. I just needed to went and get this out of my system. I hope someone made it through the end and won't consider me as a total basket case.
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2 Responses Jan 18, 2013

I don't find this irrational at all. In fact, I had a lot of trouble with specific groups of people when I was younger becuase I felt their traits were overpowering mine. I felt intimidated like I could not measure to their ways. Your story is actually understandable.

Cool story bro. Needs some ewoks and dragons, maybe a little sword fighting too.