I Get It, Religion Ruined The World

I'm not old, and I don't pretend to be,  but even as a kid it didn't take me long to figure out that religion in general is just bad news.  I'm now going to ask everyone to follow my train of thought for just one sec; Imagine a world with absolutely no religion(lets say after we where a polytheistic society we stopped believing in any higher power) now this world is better educated, because school run be religions never takes place, meaning that we devote more time to wondering about our world instead of blindly following.  Scientists where never executed for suggesting the world was round, or that there was no heaven, or that that our earth rotates around the sun, and not that all celestial bodies rotate around us.  The Christian dark ages would never have happened in Europe, and the science of Rome, Greece and Egypt where not forgotten.  The black plague that killed millions would not have killed so many because we would have wondered about a cure, instead of relying on priests to heal those that are to far along, or maybe our medicinal knowledge would be greater because we didn't believe that common ailments are caused by demons or spirits.  In general world relations would be better, jews not prosecuted by the Egyptians then again by the Nazi's 2000 years later, 3 crusades would not have been fought in the name of god to reclaim the holy land, not to forget countless other wars fought in the name of god's.  Women would never have been condemned by the church as subject to being witches from approx. 1600-late 1800's. Now lets skip ahead to recent times, the KKK prosecutes blacks after President Lincoln Frees them in the 1800's, but they prosecute them in front of burning crosses claiming them "unholy demons deserving of burning hellfire", more recent racism appears now and a good example for Americans here, Muslims are being unfairly treated because of the extreme behavior of the Taliban.
I suppose I'm young but these are a very small amount of the things that religion has caused and a good enough reason for me to look forward to a world devoid of all religion, and I guess this is a low blow to Christians, scientists have discovered that pretty much all stories of your holy book never happened, or can be explained easily by modern science...so in summation every religious person I know doesn't like me because I speak my mind, instead of following someone else's perspective on the world and I hope one day everyone else sees the world for what it really is and works to further mankind through peace and science, instead of the teachings of old men from long ago.
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I get it too. Lots of hatred spewed from religious people. Where is the Love Of God on those that believe. I see people who will kill you.. Like they did to the abortion doctor. Any way shape or form to move their agenda. Excellent writing. Thanks

Excellent points! But, later on you'll realize that what you think might have happened if religion weren't created is what is called an unknowable fact and is a fallacy (you'll learn in logic and semantics classes). We would have been so lucky as to not lose the same people to petty fighting over early scientific findings if the dark ages hadn't happened. The cure to the bubonic plague may or may not have been in the purview of our knowledge then and even in the possible past that is proposed. Only those with a time machine would know the difference. I will agree, however, that religion and people's belief in religions have caused many travesties in the history of the world and knowledge to slip away which one would hope might have been avoidable but we'll never know. We can't say that the events wouldn't play out the same with different reasons or focus. As well, we can't say that the events would have played out in the exact opposite. But we can sure hope and maybe in a different dimension this has all played out to be a positive outcome. Check you on the flip side.