Except For the Flying Spaghetti Monster

For those of you who have not read Richard Dawkins, I highly recommend. You will feel better about yourself in a country where half the population thinks the world is less than 7,000 years old and Jesus will be taking them to heaven some time in the next few years.

The great thing about Dawkins, in my opinion, is that he not only slams religion, but faith in general. I will not repeat his arguments here, but you can get more details in today's issue of Salon.com.
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FSM is the best! I worship him at least once a week by eating spagetti.

Speaking as a believer in God, I could respect Richard Dawkins and his opinion if he didn't- hellosailor put it so perfectly- SLAM religion and any and all forms of belief in a higher power. His form of argument, which includes disrespect and mockery, makes it impossible for me to take him seriously as a professional. I'm not biased, either- I feel exactly the same about disrespectful Christian apologists and theologians.

Thanks for posting this. I think the God Delusion is quite a powerful (albeit not perfect) book. I also think smebro makes an excellent point about how the real potency is about how Dawkins challenges religion and faith's "protected status". There is nothing special about believing mistruths. One thing that I found incredibly heartening is that this book was on the best seller lists. That really says something quite interesting about supposedly faith dominated societies (given virtually all Western Democracies have a majority of self described religious believers).

I’m more of an invisible pink unicorn follower, like religion she is based on faith and knowledge. I know she is invisible because I cannot see her, and I have faith that she is pink. That pretty much sums up religious logic for me. But yes, I have read the god delusion and want to donate it to my Anglican Boarding school (I also want to hold chapel, just once, to show them that religion is not the end all). He is a very smart man with many logical arguments, the savoir of the atheists. I’m no longer afraid to question the faithful, why should we respect them any more then people with opposing political views? Question, question and question again, the greatest value is questioning what you ‘know’.

@hellosailor [you can get more details in today's issue of Salon.com] or simply on his web site at http://www.richarddawkins.net ! Regarding the sailor aspect, are you a pastafarian too? :)