My Thoughts (sorry If I Offend Anyone)

I hate all religions but that doesn't mean i hate the people that believe in religion, as long as they don't try to pawn of their believes to me i don't have a problem with them. i hate it how religions start wars but yet they say war is not the way, and how they try to guilt you into joining them, how you cant believe in what ever religion without a sacrifice (and I'm not talking about killing people lol) religion is so closed minded and all they do is try to brain wash other to believing what they say (i should add this in now, I'm sorry if i offend anyone by saying this) my sister enrolled her son into a private school because.... well to be completely honest it was because at that time she believed in god, lasted about a week lol but anyway the private school is also a catholic school (most are from knowledge) and they are teaching him incorrect things like one day after school he was telling me what the teachers had taught him that day, apparently rain comes from god not the ocean..... how are children meant to learn anything when the ones teaching them say stupid things like that!!!!!!!! it just annoys the hell outta me!

i believe that religions shouldn't have to go around brain washing people just to get them to believe their way, if you truly believe in something it should be from your heart and soul not because that's what someone has taught you. its wrong to recruit others, people should be able to either seek out the help or find what ever it is their looking for (whether it be religion or something else) on their own.

my opinion will never change on this matter no matter what people try to tell me, i guess I'm stubborn that way, i stick to my opinion's.... sometimes a little to well tho, i have lost some great friends because of the way i feel but ay if they cant accept the fact that i don't want to join their religion or that i don't believe in some all mighty god then they weren't worth my time.
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i kno wat ya mean on this one

What important is God not religion. Serve God with all your heart and soul.

I understand what you are saying, I too sometimes don't like the way some people try to well... "recruit" other people to their "side", but in my opnion as well it's not everyone that is like that, some people actually give you the choice, they tell you what they think and let it to you to decide if that is trully what you believe or not, while others (unfortunately my father is like this) just tell you that they are right and you are wrong no matter how you try to talk to them, having a father like mine I completly understand your reasoning, but I just want you to know that it's not all people that are like that, some have the ability to listen as well ^^