All Religous Are Misguided! Religion Is Man Made Not God Made!

Why people blame God for their problems.Mankind is evil and selfish and you know what God just left them to their own evilness. Good luck humanity. You want to follow christ as He tells you, not a mere human then do so. You will be better off. The Problem is religion, thats why my church preach against it. Religion is man made not God made. If you know God you would hate religion Just as Christ did. Christ is misrepresented all over the world by people. People and their twisted minds screwed God Over. I am A Christian but I don't follow any man, Preacher or guru or prophet I follow Jesus Christ the way he should be followed. My father has always taught me that if they do not follow christ like the bible than don't follow them. Even when my father started with His man made ideas of the bible I refuse to follow. I will not give up on Jesus Christ because a lot of idiots want to misrepresent who He is. Jesus is the true God thats what I believe and I want to walk in relationship with God not create a man made religion.
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Look up the word jew in a concordance. ...look up church...look up christians...jew, church, Christian is a man made translation. ...I'm not a Christian or believe in the bible...true born from above believers are disciples of Jesus Christ and believe in the Holy Scriptures in the original Hebrew and Greek.....which church or demon-nominations would say has the truth...non of you do attending buildings and being 501 c3....Rabbis and Pastors and Popes, Cardinals, Bishops, Priests my foot all reprobate tares including both of you 2 blind guides....

You are 100% correct ann.

I Love your Heart, but Jesus is not God, Jesus is the son who has both aspects of the alpha and omega,,,so tell me child of the truth who is the Lion of Judea...Rev. 5 Love and Light Mary

Please Read John 1: 1-14 The "Word was God" and the part Jn 1:14 where it says "the Word became flesh and dwelt among us" the only one to become flesh is Jesus conclusion Jesus is God. also read1 Timothy 3:16 Philippians 2:5-7Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus:

6Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God:

I'm sorry but original language states differently. Jesus Christ is based on Isis and Horus, however Yahshua was very real amongst us. He was the prophet like Moshe God placed his words in.

The Torah is called" Black Fire" and The Ruaj Hakodesh (Holy Spirit) is called the "White Fire" and when you put them together you get Ben Yah (Son of God). How many sons of God walk with us daily? The "let us make man in our image and likeness" is total AbbaIma not Father/son. Abba=Father Ima=Mother(Ruaj Hakodesh/Holy Spirit)

The problems faced in Christian thought is that many don't understand the Torah, Nevim, and Ketuvim prior to hopping into the Brit Hadasha. Yahshuah was a Jew in the Hebrew culture and taught in this school of thought.

Ask yourself the question of how his tzitzits healed people that believed in his gifts. He was not called Rabbi like many translations lie. He was called Roeh which means teacher. I am a Hebrew and I'm giving you information you need to know. Even Rabbi Maimonides healed the sick and performed miracles but he is not the coming Messiah.

Trust that when Messiah comes, the whole world will be shocked and he will be of Davidic blood line. No one will bow to a Jesus because Jesus translates to the horse in my language not salvation. Yahshuah translates to God saves and is also a form of salvation. To this name all knees could bow but Yahshua always taught us to give only God praise, glory, and worship....and never to him instead. This is also why Yahshuah stated many would perform great works in his name but he would not know you for your lawlessness. 1 God... 1 Messiah... There is a difference and those that follow Yahshuah's actual teachings will understand what I have written here. Grace was upon man kind from the very first disobedience.... The Torah is still in full effect and God is still just 1... AbbaIma!

I am not a Talmudic Observant Jew but I am definitely a Messianic Believing Sefardi Jew that honors the Torah and studies all the Biblical writings.

Please learn Greek and Hebrew to read the texts in original contexts. Some things are best read in original form.

Shalom :o)

If God wanted me to be Greek and Hebrew in order for me to understand who he is I'm sure he would have made me Greek or Hebrew. If God is AbbaIma then He would have made us all the same so that we would be able to know him as you have described however He did not. God's Messiah has already come. I see you and a lot of 5% Jews missed his coming and You unfortunately will be surprise at Jesus' coming in the last day. How the scribes in that time got away with manipulating the Hebrew text to not include Christ is shame to your people. Everything in the Bible has been proven historically and spiritually. Most of its prophecies have come true till today and are happening now. You have the Hebrew text and old scribes and I have daily proof and evidence of God's biblical words being fulfilled before both our eyes yet you are the only one that will not see it. For you see with natural eyes and have no spiritual vision. Hopefully God will reveal unto you Jesus and you can know him better than words on paper.

I have seen people healed in the name of Jesus and risen from the dead in the name of Jesus yet You believe the name is incorrect because that is not how you say it. We have difference languages which God invented. So No, every word I use may not mean the same in every language. Again relying on your own knowlege, (the very little we humans can comprehend) so that you can "understand" how God works. Your thoughts are not His thoughts. Isaiah 55:8

In respect for both Yeshua and the scribes, what was in question was his illegitimate birth due to his mother being involved with the married Tiberius Panthera while she was just 15 years old. Yeshua was born a twin and his identical twin brother was named Judas. The problem of his messiahship was the reality that he was sired by a Roman father who had an affair with his mother, and his mother "Miriamne Herod (Stadea)" was of the Benjamin tribe, not at all in the Davidic lineage at all.. Unfortunately the Vatican declined to release these historical facts to their patrons. Yeshua tried to lead a revolt against the Romans that resulted in him fleeing into India for refuge. Because he came from a wealthy Royal Jewish family, he was sent abroad to study for a good period of time and learned what we call today, Buddhism.. Prior to these events he had already acquired teachings of ancient Kemet (Egypt) of the various levels, which included alchemy and physics. Those who lacked understanding of these sciences viewed the works as "magic" and witchcraft".. I personally don't have to have the thoughts of our Creator to understand that I am made in His image and have the ability to communicate directly with him without any human being to intercede for me. Yeshua taught us that we all our gods when he referenced Psalms 82:6 as part of his plea prior to persecution... Yeshua instructed those that listened to him to utilize their meditation and prayer to access their pineal gland. The pineal is mentioned in the Torah as well because Yacob found it. I have read about how Maimonides performed all of the same works that Yehsua performed, yet he never claimed to be a savior god and neither did Yeshua. Yeshua always said he was human and was very clear about what and who he was. It is the Vatican that decided to plagiarize the Mithra, Zoroaster, Auset and Heru, Vishnu, Tammuz, and many other ancient solar savior deities to rule over the masses as the Roman Empire expanded. Your version became the "authorized version" in 325 AD by the 1st Council of Nicaea. Sure the bible is easily proven geographically, my ancestors didn't lie about our travels. We took on the spiritual systems of ancient Kemet and modified them to our own through Moshe and his teachings.

My question to you, is how can a prophesy be so mystical when it is already written down and the world has read it? People in power know our book and are playing on it to finalize the agenda that they have of a one world government. This is why the Masons study all world religions... Those of us who are not paying attention will fall victim to the scam and die in vain. Take advantage of the life you have left to start eating healthy and realize what is in your food and water supply. Realize what they are also placing into our air and medicine. Learn metaphysics because this will be your greatest means to protect yourself from what is happening now... In the beginning was the word, and the word was God, and the word was with God = Sound!!!! Vibrations and Frequency... There is no mystery to this... You are made up of electricity, vibrations, and have your own frequency.. Why do you think the satellites are really up in space? Why do you think HDTV is so highly promoted along with all other forms of electronics... Even your cordless phone uses magnetism to mess with your natural frequency. People are getting sick because their polarity is being tampered with and their food lacks nutrition.

The world leaders read the ancients books, studied many sciences, and have now found a way to bring prophesy full forward to the masses for them to say "See the prophesy is real"... I am not an Atheist or self hating Jew... I just think logical and am not religulous!

Look up Yeshua ben Stadea/Pandera/Notzri... Same guy under different aliases.. Also look up his mother Mariamne Herod to discover why Mary isn't really spoken much of in your bible... It will be truly sobering... Also official records show "Jesus" was stoned to death and later his corpse put on display by dangling on a stake for the populous to view prior to burial. Josephus confirms this fact.

So bringing it full circle.. I believe in the teachings of Yeshua because it is a whole lot better than treating everyone like cattle! Maimonides performed the same healing works and was seriously looked at by the Rabbi's to possibly be the Messiah but was later declared not to be. Maimonides did in fact come from the lineage of David unlike Yehsua... So when you believe in something, you must know where this belief comes from and why you believe in it outside of "Just Because" and "Translated Bible Said So"... Messianic prophesy never said anything about "Crucifixion" and in Aramaic, Mariamne Herod was never stated as "Bethulah" a.k.a. Virgen... She was in fact "Ha-almah" a.k.a. Young Maiden... 15 years old is definitely and young maiden. Her sister Salome told her husband about the adulteress affairs Mariamne Herod had and he forgave her for it..but eventually she was convicted and stoned to death as well.. Mariamne was married at the age of 13 prior to conception of Yeshua. On the night of our marriages we practice "the white sheet" tradition to prove consummation of the marriage.. She was virgen when she married but she was not virgen when she got pregnant with Yeshua.. I'd tell you all the details but I don't want to send you into cardiac arrest over there.. Yeshua performed many great deeds and taught many great teachings.. Just realize that he is not a God...

"I have seen people healed in the name of Jesus and risen from the dead in the name of Jesus yet You believe the name is incorrect because that is not how you say it. We have difference languages which God invented. So No, every word I use may not mean the same in every language. Again relying on your own knowlege, (the very little we humans can comprehend) so that you can "understand" how God works. Your thoughts are not His thoughts. Isaiah 55:8"

~ Here is my response to this...

I have seen people healed across the globe without the name of Yeshua (Jesus)... In the name of Allah, Buddha, Shambo, Shango, etc... and even by means of Chi Energy, Herbology, Shamanism, ect...

If you want to understand the secrets to "Jesus" amazing powers just look up in the sky and stargaze. The sun walks across the waters during the day, dies during winter solstice for 3 days at the Crux Constellation (cross) and then rebirths to bring in the (spring solstice).. this is why Easter Sunday is observed.. Godess Ishtar must be very please for your fertility rites paying homage to her because this is the true origin of Easter and they aren't telling you this... I am not saying this in any means disrespectful and am aware that writing can be taken out of context when lacking audio interpretation and vocal octaves expressed.

Another key point for Christian holidays is the darn tree for Christmas. This is another fertility rite paying homage to Nimrod at winter solstice that they aren't informing you of. Yule is a witches holiday.. Tinsel, balls, gift giving, and mistletoe are all fertility rites and they seem so innocent. The balls originally came from the castrated eunuchs and the tinsel was ********* sprinkled all over the tree. The gifts were to Nimrod and the tree symbolized the resurrected penis or phallic symbol.

Santa Clause and his red suit is symbolic of the god Molech and his fiery body they cooked their innocent children on... and I don't think you want me to tell you much more of this truth about these subjects. It even bothers me very much to know them...

The cross was worn by Babylonians just like the Christians do and believe that it has the same meaning that you are unaware of. It is to the same effect of the Catholic papal miter that is clearly in representation of the Dogon fish god the ancients worshipped while sprinkling water on the worshippers.

Jesus and his 12 disciples are in fact the sun and the zodiac.. I am not trying to hurt your feelings, I am trying to set you free the web of lies you have been entangled in by these corrupt teachings approved by the Vatican! Yeshua never had 12 disciples, there were only 5 "Matthai, Nakkai, Netzer, Buni and Thodah".... Yeshua taught from the Jerusalem Talmud and the Torah in combination with his spiritual discoveries from India of Buddhism and utilized the sciences learned while in Kemet..

(Matthew 6:22 "The eye is the lamp of the body; so then if your eye is clear, your whole body will be full of light.") ~ Pineal gland... The third eye...

Decalcify it and begin to explore what your bible is telling you through Yeshua's teachings.. This is why the door way is narrow and few will find it and enter into the kingdom. Flouride is in your water supply so that you cannot learn this skill and connect to our Creator. I really hope you put this information to use and get to your goal of discovery and a relationship with Yahweh... Yahweh is not a man and never was! The merkabah is a major symbol on our temples for a reason. Sacred Geometry could help you a lot too if you take the time to learn it.. All of a sudden the riddles in the proverbs won't seem like enigmas anymore.. They all are written on the pyramid walls of Egypt to this day and most of the bible is parallel to the "Book of the Dead".. Purchase a copy for yourself and watch how high your eyebrows rise up off of your

As a Christian, it will be difficult to get the Rabbi's to let you in on these secrets that the Vatican refuses to give the Christian churches. Knowledge is power and at this time Rome is living by the "golden rule".. Learn as much as you can and if you need deeper understanding, please feel comfortable to go to a local synagogue and ask them to teach you the secrets to the Torah and the wisdom of David and Solomon. You may have to convert to Judaism but you will be glad you got in the door to find out what the church is hiding from you on purpose. We Jews have mandates that do not permit us to have missionaries.. They were placed there by the Vatican..

Believe Christianity is a lucrative business. Yeshua did in fact marry and he is buried next to his son Judas ben Yeshua that he subsequently named after his twin sibling Judas ben Panthera (Pandera)...

These are the things that are upsetting about these churches... People deserve to know these truths so that they understand what they are involved in on a more competent level.. Dig deep into European history and human history... What I tell you is there for you to find it... The "alien disclosure" will be another piece to control the masses by fear.... Read the Zohar and the African records of Chitauri visits... Be Well.. Shalom

24 Now as he thus made his defense, Festus said with a loud voice, “Proudsefardita , you are beside yourself! Much learning is driving you mad!” Act 26:24
This scripture kept running through my head as I read all this. If you want to be a unitarian I think thats where your heading. Because if we are going to give credit to every historic record then I'm sure we can find some to disprove everthing you have said above and even your own beliefs. You've read so much that you have completely lost your way on reality.
First I am not a Catholic. I do not follow their pagan traditions. I know all about that crap and it has nothing to to with God. I follow the teaching of the early church of Acts thats it. My bible is totally different from the Catholic bible which is where you may get your points. You clearly have no relationship with God or i.e Yahweh. You study so much that you don't feel him. He can't speak to you becuase you have all this somewhat useless information in your head. God can not be uderstood from a bunch of history books and scribs. He must be felt and you need to put the books down and pray from your heart to God so he can show you the way to him. I don't need a Rabbi or even my preacher to reach God. Do you? Despite the history of Coruption in Catholic to Jewish Orthodox Historians, I know God/ Yahweh. He knows me. He says my sheep knows my voice. Have you heard from him? I believe you have good intentions to know God but you have allowed your own natural understanding to block you from knowing who he is. Proverbs 3:5
"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding."

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