Catholics Are the Biggest Hypocrites.

They are the stupidest people in the world. Seriously. I mean i went to church one day to see my sister perform in some dance coz she was graduating from a private school and well..the crap the teachers said about "god"..

Like you wonder why they are all "NO, DONT DO THAT! ITS A SIN!"

but then they dont even care coz they think "If i do that, sure its a sin, but god forgives all and he'll forgive me"

but then i was told there is a limit to what "god forgives" and i mean...they say "god forgives all" and then right after they say "but theres a limit so if you do too much bad stuff you wont be forgiven"

they condradict their own point constantly.

Then they are stupid enough to believe some guy bought some other guy back to life, a different guy made the sea rise, some bush on fire TALKED and all this other bullshit.

It annoys me soo much coz its so pathetic.

Ha and then they like..the 10 commandments or is "dont kill" whether its an animal or human..are they forgetting "god", the one they follow.. killed his own son? but no, of course they think thats ok because it was

"a sacrifice" and not "murder".

They are so friken thick. Its unbelievable that a bunch of people could be so stupid. causes frustration.

waytoogenerous waytoogenerous
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Yeah, go learn to spell before you yap on and on about how stupid anybody is

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Okay so I'm not one that's fond of the Catholic religion. But you're being just as hypocritical as them. Read the Bible. Its all there.

I like your comment, it is so true!
As if they weren´t Catholics-as if they were Stupids !

I think,it is like the Scientology.You can be a leader of a Society,beeing rich and getting paid well,and have the other side under controll-the slaves,you give bad Food,false Information,legal drugs,and voila:you have Catholics for instance ! Or the living alone Truck-Driver who drinks too much and kick the men in the bar regularly.
He may not be catholic, but possible had been raised up in an poor human trafficking indutrie part of the land,and that´s the
story !

The Pope is just a figure,you know !
A stupid Person to make Propaganda!
The real men behind this Industrie are some unknown very very rich men,who are playing with their dolls.

Christiane Rieckmann

But it is neccessary - you see!
The world is too full of peolpe,and if everone would have the Chance to get rich and live in harmony and with ten healthy children,we would come to bad Situation ons day.
You had to kill a absoltely Sound Family one day,perhaps you best friends,just to have new place for the 33 grandchildren you have and you have to care for.
So,you can kill peolpe you do not know,and that is not so hard - and you have a much better chance to win,because,someone who has nothing,cannot fight back properly.
Luck and good fortune is as well required for a ggod life,as it is a good health and
hard or smart work.


Bigots below, beware!

One question,
besides your sister's graduation, have you had any personal experience with Catholic education?

Forgive me if I was too harsh in my previous comment. I just hate to hear people condemn religion without even trying it. You are going to laugh at me for saying this, but, God loves you. I really believe that and I hope that you will too someday!


Dear Waytoogenerous,

Your response to religion is based too much on emotion and rash judgements and not enough on thought, research, logic, experience, or even common sense. Not to mention that your grammar is atrocious and your word choice resembles that of someone who can count their age on one hand.
God did not murder his son. Jesus willingly went to the cross because he loves us deeply. Furthermore, there is no limit to the Lord's forgiveness. However, Christ calls us to holiness and it is important that baptized, repentant people, nourished by word and sacrament, make an effort to resist sin and grow in Christian love through sanctifying grace and the power of the Holy Ghost. Catholicism and Christianity at large are very complex religions. As such, one would be quite foolish to make any statement about the Bride of Christ (the church) without some of the theological background and firsthand experience which you so obviously lack.
I hope that you will one day grow out of your juvenile cynicism and seek faith in/depend on a higher power rather than arrogantly wallowing in your atheistic humanism. Though I am a confirmed United Methodist, I would invite you to visit your local Catholic Church before you condemn them for being stupid. While we are discussing stupidity, might I suggest that you learn how to speak and write in English properly before you so much as even respond to this comment. I am not trying to be mean, I am merely trying to put things into perspective. God bless you on your life journey!

Peace in Christ,


Anyone who hates Catholics because of how bad they treat other people has a good head on their shoulders. If you want to know how bad they can be, look at my posts in the I hate Catholics type groups ( and the I hate Florida groups, the premise has to do with how I was treated at my University) and if you want you can PM me for more about it all and i'll decide if I should share more since it is very personal.

My ex her family catholic an let me put it this way. There crooked an two face. I went to jail 5 years ago cause I witness a crime. Because I didnt tell them everything about my past they judged me an my ex gf thats 19 her fast automatically assumed I was lying to him an told me I could never be with her. Her mom was worried about money, they didnt care about our feelings cause they act like there to good for us. They try an play it off like there this nice family that goes to church but they have a family member well two ones in rehab the other keeps going in an out. All I ever done was work to prove people im not a bad guy I just made a ver bad mistake. Im Baptist. We are not nuts. I been to Catholics, pedacostale which are nuts to me. Christians, i been to others. So far Catholics all they seem about is gloating. My ex family was all about who you know, what we accomplished an judge others thats lesser or did one bad thing. My church is Baptist an we give opren arms an a chance to show us that god changed his life. Personal opinion Catholics are the most cold hearted nasty backstabbing a waste of gods air. Church isn't about how big it is or nice its about god an you. Another thing its not a religion if you sit in a box confessing your sin to another guy that sins also. Just saying. Confessing is a special moment between you an god alone. Thank you

The next idea that I want to bring to you is that religion does not consist in doctrines or dogmas. It is not what you read, nor what dogmas you believe that is of importance, but what you realise. "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God," yea, in this life. And that is salvation. There are those who teach that this can be gained by the mumbling of words. But no great Master ever taught that external forms were necessary for salvation. The power of attaining it is within ourselves. We live and move in God. Creeds and sects have their parts to play, but they are for children, they last but temporarily. Books never make religions, but religions make books. We must not forget that. No book ever created God, but God inspired all the great books. And no book ever created a soul. We must never forget that. The end of all religions is the realising of God in the soul. That is the one universal religion. If there is one universal truth in all religions, I place it here — in realising God. Ideals and methods may differ, but that is the central point. There may be a thousand different radii, but they all converge to the one centre, and that is the realisation of God: something behind this world of sense, this world of eternal eating and drinking and talking nonsense, this world of false shadows and selfishness. There is that beyond all books, beyond all creeds, beyond the vanities of this world and it is the realisation of God within yourself. A man may believe in all the churches in the world, he may carry in his head all the sacred books ever written, he may baptise himself in all the rivers of the earth, still, if he has no perception of God, I would class him with the rankest atheist. And a man may have never entered a church or a mosque, nor performed any ceremony, but if he feels God within himself and is thereby lifted above the vanities of the world, that man is a holy man, a saint, call him what you will. As soon as a man stands up and says he is right or his church is right, and all others are wrong, he is himself all wrong. He does not know that upon the proof of all the others depends the proof of his own. Love and charity for the whole human race, that is the test of true religiousness. I do not mean the sentimental statement that all men are brothers, but that one must feel the oneness of human life. So far as they are not exclusive, I see that the sects and creeds are all mine; they are all grand. They are all helping men towards the real religion. I will add, it is good to be born in a church, but it is bad to die there. It is good to be born a child, but bad to remain a child. Churches, ceremonies, and symbols are good for children, but when the child is grown, he must burst the church or himself. We must not remain children for ever. It is like trying to fit one coat to all sizes and growths. I do not deprecate the existence of sects in the world. Would to God there were twenty millions more, for the more there are, there will be a greater field for selection. What I do ob<x>ject to is trying to fit one religion to every case. Though all religions are essentially the same, they must have the varieties of form produced by dissimilar circumstances among different nations. We must each have our own individual religion, individual so far as the externals of it go.<br />
<br />
Many years ago, I visited a great sage of our own country, a very holy man. We talked of our revealed book, the Vedas, of your Bible, of the Koran, and of revealed books in general. At the close of our talk, this good man asked me to go to the table and take up a book; it was a book which, among other things, contained a forecast of the rainfall during the year. The sage said, "Read that." And I read out the quantity of rain that was to fall. He said, "Now take the book and squeeze it." I did so and he said, "Why, my boy, not a drop of water comes out. Until the water comes out, it is all book, book. So until your religion makes you realise God, it is useless. He who only studies books for religion reminds one of the fable of the *** which carried a heavy load of sugar on its back, but did not know the sweetness of it."<br />
<br />
Shall we advise men to kneel down and cry, "O miserable sinners that we are!" No, rather let us remind them of their divine nature. I will tell you a story. A lioness in search of prey came upon a flock of sheep, and as she jumped at one of them, she gave birth to a cub and died on the spot. The young lion was brought up in the flock, ate grass, and bleated like a sheep, and it never knew that it was a lion. One day a lion came across the flock and was astonished to see in it a huge lion eating grass and bleating like a sheep. At his sight the flock fled and the lion-sheep with them. But the lion watched his opportunity and one day found the lion-sheep asleep. He woke him up and said, "You are a lion." The other said, "No," and began to bleat like a sheep. But the stranger lion took him to a lake and asked him to look in the water at his own image and see if it did not resemble him, the stranger lion. He looked and acknowledged that it did. Then the stranger lion began to roar and asked him to do the same. The lion-sheep tried his voice and was soon roaring as grandly as the other. And he was a sheep no longer.<br />
<br />
My friends, I would like to tell you all that you are mighty as lions.<br />
<br />
If the room is dark, do you go about beating your chest and crying, "It is dark, dark, dark!" No, the only way to get the light is to strike a light, and then the darkness goes. The only way to realise the light above you is to strike the spiritual light within you, and the darkness of sin and impurity will flee away. Think of your higher self, not of your lower.<br />
<br />
<br />
~ Swami Vivekananda

Thank you for your fascinating insight!

Most religions get so caught up in their organization and their rules that they ignore their real function. They become like big corporations that focus on recruiting more members and perpetuating themselves rather than just delivering their message. More members means more income, bigger buildings and creating a bureaucracy. They generally claim an exclusive knowledge of God's Word, and all the others are wrong.<br />
<br />
As you pass through this world, if you do as much good and as little harm as you can, you don't need a chant, a hymn, a robed cleric or a plastic figurine made in China to claim your reward in the end. But don't live for the reward, because what you have here may be all there is. Just be proud of the way you have lived the years allotted to you here, and consider anything afterwards a bonus.

All of what you describe are symptoms of Religion. An acquired mental disorder that causes hallucinations, sometimes, and always results in people being irrational and delusional. This disorder can sometimes result in hypocrisy. There is a cure but most with this condition believe the cure is evil. <br />
<br />
The cure is logic and reason. I'm very glad I got cured!

Don't forget that their god supposedly flooded the earth and killed everyone.

Don't forget that their god supposedly flooded the earth and killed everyone.

2. Worship of Mary- If there is only one God why when praying are some Catholics now doing everything through Mary or Saints? There are only 2 Gods, the bible tells us of this in Isaiah 43:11- The bible tells us how to pray in Luke 11:1,2 Never once did it include Mary or any saints. <br />
Exodus 20:5 tells us that God is a God exacting exclusive devotion. Instead they pray to a Rosary saying words and chants over and over again. But Matthew 6:7 tells us not to pray saying the same thing over and over again. <br />
3. Idols they have all over there Church- I went into a church just yesterday for my Grandfathers Funeral. They had Saint all of the place. Why? As well as Mary’s! But doesn’t the bible tell us we should not make any carved images? Exodus 20: 4,5<br />
4. Priest not being able to marry- But then turn to raping kids. Never in the bible does it say a Priest or church official cannot marry. This is Tradition of Man brought in by the Pope of Rome to avoid having to pay the wives off of the priest when the popes and Priest died. <br />
<br />
This are just 4 of staple things are Catholics do and are not proven in the bible. <br />
<br />
I can show a whole lot more. It really just takes time Reading the bible will answer everything for you.

I am a Christian but I agree they contradict themselves on a lot of things. <br />
Things that if people read there bible they could see. <br />
1. Trinity- That came from Pagan gods this is not a bible teaching. If it was then the sc<x>ripture of no one seeing God and living would be false as shown in John 1:18- Jesus had thousands of followers? Correct. Or the fact that the word Trinity doesn't appear in the bible not even once. From Egypt came the ideas of a divine trinity -Three gods are combined and treated as a single being, addressed in the singular. In this way the spiritual force of Egyptian religion shows a direct link with Christian theology." <br />
2. Worship of Mary- If there is only one God why when praying are some Catholics now doing everything through Mary or Saints? There are only 2 Gods, the bible tells us of this in Isaiah 43:11- The bible tells us how to pray in Luke 11:1,2 Never once did it include Mary or any saints. <br />
Exodus 20:5 tells us that God is a God exacting exclusive devotion. Instead they pray to a Rosary saying words and chants over and over again. But Matthew 6:7 tells us not to pray saying the same thing over and over again. <br />
3. Idols they have all over there Church- I went into a church just yesterday for my Grandfathers Funeral. They had Saint all of the place. Why? As well as Mary’s! But doesn’t the bible tell us we should not make any carved images? Exodus 20: 4,5<br />
4. Priest not being able to marry- But then turn to raping kids. Never in the bible does it say a Priest or church official cannot marry. This is Tradition of Man brought in by the Pope of Rome to avoid having to pay the wives off of the priest when the popes and Priest died. <br />
<br />
This are just 4 of staple things are Catholics do and are not proven in the bible. <br />
<br />
I can show a whole lot more. It really just takes time Reading the bible will answer everything for you.

Read the bible and get your facts right

Please do some actual research on what the Church really teaches before you come out saying what you're saying.

lol You missed out USING CONTRACEPTION=BAD BREATHING=BAD=HAVING AN OPINION=BAD haha it's bad with them! It's like you say your opinions and speak your mind and oh no they don't like that and neither do they respect your beliefs by shoving all that **** in your face, but you have sat there and actually in the beginning respected their faith till they did this!! So they show no respect for your beliefs, but then have the damn gaul to sit there and say "Respect my beliefs!" I have two words to that "**** Off!"

I don't see why I should respect anyones beliefs when they aint respecting mine!

Not to be rude, but you don't have to go out of your way to be a jerk about your opinions. Seriously. Do your homework on Catholicism before spouting all of this off.

I don't need to do any homework on it thank you very much!!! Me be a jerk?! That's actually rich! I have lost count of the amount of times that I have had people try to shove religeon down my throat, and I have every right to express my opinion in whatever way I wish!! My beliefs are not respected so why in the heck should I respect those who are not showing respect towards mine!!!? And really, don't need to do no homework on it, I didn't get these views and opinions (If that is what you want to call it!) from nowhere! If you don't like the opinion it isn't my problem, as apparantly it isn't your problem that you cannot respect my beliefs! Whatever! Try shoving your beliefs on someone else, because that **** is just another reason why I have a problem! I suppose you are going to try telling me that I will burn in hell!!?! In my belief we been doing that since the day we were put on this earth, as Earth is hell as far as I am concerned, and if you don't like "MY BELIEF AND VIEW" That isn't my problem! I don't go round sprouting what people should and shouldn't say because they don't happen to believe what I believe!!! Get a grip!

Oh, and you wonder why I said "Having an opinion=Bad?!" Case and point proven after your reply!

Not to be rude? Hm, extremely rude to sit there and assume I ain't done any homework on it, or don't know what I am talking about?! The fact of the matter is that I simply wouldn't be commenting at all if I didn't actually know what I was talking about!!! You got your belief, and I got my belief, simple as that and also I don't have to sit here and explain myself as to why I have the beliefs I have either, which by your remark I would apparantly have to do!!! Get the **** out of it! I aint explaining why I have the beliefs I have, they're my beliefs respect them! and if you can't, don't wonder why yours then do not get respected back!

Calm down. Nobody is telling you not to have an opinion. But you just contradicted yourself by criticizing the church's beliefs and then flipping out on someone for pointing out your attitude problem.

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Indeed they are, who in the heck is any other human to say who is going to hell and who is going to heaven anyway? Hello!!! Wake up!!! We are in hell, look round ya for real! As for heaven, well can only try to find some kind of heaven in amongst this hell, I reckon anyway.

are you not being hypocritical by saying this about catholics??<br />
"Peter, you are the rock on which i will build my church" this was said BY god. he formed the catholic church himself. The catholic church has never been wrong, But i will admit, some of the people IN the church have been wrong. but havnt baptists, or methodist people been wrong? it does NOT mean the church is wrong. Martin Luther came along and said he didnt like the way thinks are run in the catholic church,(the one god formed himself) and formed the 95 theses, leading to the protestant reformation. So protestant faiths are formed by A MAN. not god.

So you think that telling people they can buy their way to heaven via indulgences is okay? I'm sorry, but the Catholic Church has been wrong sometimes. Read Paul's epistles in the New Testament and you will see that the church constantly needs to be shaped and guided by the Holy Spirit working through men and women.

are you not being hypocritical by saying this about catholics??<br />
"Peter, you are the rock on which i will build my church" this was said BY god. he formed the catholic church himself. The catholic church has never been wrong, But i will admit, some of the people IN the church have been wrong. but havnt baptists, or methodist people been wrong? it does NOT mean the church is wrong. Martin Luther came along and said he didnt like the way thinks are run in the catholic church,(the one god formed himself) and formed the 95 theses, leading to the protestant reformation. So protestant faiths are formed by A MAN. not god.

I must agree with what other people have said here, if you are going to criticize something, do so in an intelligent and thoughtful manner. It makes people more willing to listen to you. Secondly, I will agree that the Catholic Church as an institution is perhaps the biggest hypocrite in the world (hello, Crusades) but I would disagree that individual Catholics are the worst. Personally, televangelists **** me off the most, but as others have said here, Mormons are pretty damn bad too. <br />
<br />
Catholics, though, historically are really interesting. For example, the many pagan ideals that have been brought down through time by the Catholic faith. Saints are merely a carry over of ancient pagan gods. The entire Catholic calendar, from Christmas to Easter was designed to mimic the pagan celebrations of the seasons. Jesus plays out the drama of the Holy God, born in mid-winter, and dies in the spring, and is then resurrected. This was all done, on purpose, by early Catholics in order to make conversion for Pagans easier.<br />
<br />
But the biggest ideological carry down that we have to thank Catholics for is of the Goddess, who lived on in the Virgin Mary. As our history became more and more male dominated, and almost all of women's history was expunged from the record, the divine feminine lived on in the Mother of God. A lot of history, exclusive to women, would have been lost if not for the Mary cult, so for that, I am thankful for Catholics! :)

What facts do you have that Jesus was a historical figure? No reference to your flying zombie exists outside of the gospel accounts written a minimum of 40 years after the god/man was said to have lived.<br />
Are you aware of the life span of a person back then? 40 years is an eternity. It would be safe to assume that over 90% of the witnesses were dead before the first account hit ye old book stores.<br />
Also, according to your beliefs, wasn't Jesus supposed to be god or at least very intimate with it?<br />
If so this Jesus cat knew he was not going to stay where is the sacrifice? I think at best you could say was that Jesus was a bit put out for your sins, nothing more. I make bigger sacrifices on my tax forms.<br />
Sorry Rachel, but no proof exists of Jesus or god or angels, talking snakes and donkeys, magic fruit or enchanted trees. Its all make believe and sweetie your just to damn old to believe in this crap

Besides the Bible, the fact that there was an explosion of Christians during and after that time was inevitable. Jesus Christ is an accepted truth in other religions as well, including Islam and Judaism. Paintings and other references throughout history have proven that this man existed. What is debated however is what his purpose was, and was he what he claimed to be. Here is a website that talks about Jesus as a historical person in further detail:

Though the validity of the Bible is often questioned, in comparison to other accepted works of literature it surpasses them all:

Author - No. of Copies- Time Span
Caesar 10 1.000 years
Plato (Tetralogies) 7 1,200 years
Tacitus (Annals) 20 1,000 years
Pliny the Younger (History) 7 750 years
Suetonius (De Vita Caesarum) 8 800 years
Homer (Iliad) 643 500 years
New Testament Over 24,000 25 years

After looking at the chart above, which document do you believe is the most trustworthy in being accurate regarding being closest to the original? Homer's Iliad does not even come close to the New Testament. Time span is critical when determining if the manuscript is close to the original. The longer the time span, the more of a chance of error. The first New Testament manuscript has only a 25 year span compared to 500 years for Iliad. Yet many of our readers would read Iliad as the gospel before the Bible. source:

The sacrifice was that Jesus overcame death. He is all-powerful and did something that we as humans could never do. We can try to prevent sickness and stay healthy, but death will happen. The only escape from eternal death is life through Jesus Christ. He is our bridge to God.

I think that is takes a whole lot more faith to believe that this life is random and has no purpose. Like I said in my previous post, it takes faith either way you believe. All I can do is present what I believe is the truth. There are a lot of people who say they believe in God but don't show it in their lives. I think a lot of people who say they are Christians have made Christianity look very shallow. I am just letting you know that I am not that person, and I am very committed to what I believe in. I do not know you or know your life situation, but I am telling you there's got to be more than just going through the random cycle of life. I hope the information I included answers some of your questions.


I am a Christian. I do not agree with Catholics who say you need to be a good person and do enough good things to obtain salvation. Salvation comes from believing in what Jesus Christ has done, that he died on the cross as the ultimate sacrifice for humanity. Yes, we will still make mistakes and sin..but God has already wiped away our sins, because when he looks at us, he sees his perfect Son. Many people use that same grace as an excuse to do whatever, but if you truly place your faith in Jesus Christ, then your whole life will be transformed. So the number one thing I disagree with the Catholic church is the emphasis they put on being a "good" person, because nothing we do out of good works can save us. Jesus saves us when we understand what he has done, and then in return have a personal relationship with him. I think a lot of catholic people use that as an excuse to just say they are saved because they do good, nothing we do can save us. Also, the majority of the Old Testament deals with law. Those laws and other rules were set in place in order to keep the people from sin. The way they cleansed themselves from sin was through sacrifices done by the priests. In the New Testament, Jesus declares he has come to "fulfill the law". He was the ultimate sacrifice, and therefore what was once done in the OT was no longer necessary. God's Word tells Christians to love all people, and to respect all people. I will always strive to do that with every person I meet, though I do not agree with their choices or beliefs. Also, we must remember that God is a just AND loving God. We live in a sinful world, and sin is all around us. Pain will happen. Suffering is inevitable. But, we can use our experiences to motivate us, to grow closer to God, and to realize the hope of eternal life. If anyone is reading this, and you are a Christian, you must be careful not to say that God is whatever works for you, or God is whatever you want him to be. That's very dangerous to say-God is what he says he is in the Bible.<br />
<br />
<br />
It's a historical fact that Jesus was a real man. He was either a liar, a lunatic, or God's Son. It's yours to choose. At the end of the day, it's your choice. As people we constantly want to nik-pick and dissect every word in order to believe in something. In America, we aren't very receptive and often too smart for anyone...but it's important to remember that everything takes faith-even not believing in God.

You are misinformed about Catholicism. We do not believe we can be saved only by works. Please do your research.

Samantha, I like how you write, you convey your thoughts with clarity and succinctness.<br />
My problem with Catholicism as with any religion is that an individual of obvious intellect is required, in order to adhere to the faith to accept as fact superstitions and fables as reality.<br />
In a different post you say Christians do not just view others as sinners but yourselves as well, this is true, in order to be true to your faith you must view the starving child born in Darfur as a vile, loathsome wretched thing fit only for the seventh rung of hell...until its baptized. This also is true for your child, when you give birth to your lovely and healthy baby, as a good christian you must sit on pins and needles till baptism day as you know this is not yet a child but a thing a vile sinning thing, every cry from it an affront to your god.<br />
Now I am aware this sounds harsh, but review your faith, harsh or not, is it not true?<br />
I hope we can talk more on this subject

I'm am a Catholic and would just like to say this. We do indeed believe in forgiveness however, you're not forgiven unless you are truly sorry. You can't be forgiven if you just feel bad because you got caught or know that you could go to hell for what you've done. You have to be genuinely sorry. I do understand your frustration though with hyprocrites. but also remember, there are more than just the Catholic faith that have hypocrites. I also do agree with a few previous comments. If you're going to criticize something make sure you know what it is exactly your criticising. The Catholic faith is a very confusing faith to understand, that is why many of us take an interest (including myself) in studying our faith and learning what our faith is about. I personally try to live my life the way God would want me to, which involves listening to the bible and His teachings and being a good person. But we're human, we make mistakes and everyone has been a hypocrite at one point or another. I'm sure you've had moments like that. Being human is what gives us and the Catholic church it's flaws. But flaws can be fixed and they have been over the years.

I agree...many Catholics are big hypocrites, but if you took the time to really know the religion...there is nothing like it. It is really beautiful actually...but if you don't look deep and to the essence of it all all you see IS the hypocrites and the people throughout all time that have disfigured it and made it sick.<br />
<br />
And everyone has a "religion" whether it consists of one person (themself) or multiple I don't by this "I am against religion non-sense"<br />
<br />
Side-note: The people I have met that claim to be "open-minded" always seem to turn out to be the most closed-minded people I know.

I should probably mention that I'm not Catholic. I can see why so many people don't like that religion. I was just talking about religion in general.

I hate how if one believes in Christ, automatically they're stupid. I never push religion on ANYONE. And to Christians who think they can tell others what is right and what is wrong to God: yes, they are hypocrites. We have no right to judge other people. I have no predjudices against atheists, agnostics, people who follow other religions, or anyone else who isn't saved because that is NOT the Christian way. Oh, and "stupidest" is not a word. I guess you ruined your point.

It's worse see<br />

I have studied the Bible for many years and the very things you hate about the Catholic Church is also condemned in the. Hitler was helped by the Catholic Church to come to power.

MY religion is Unitarian Universal. We do not tell anyone what to believe. I enjoy my church we all have different openions but we can still discus and ask questions with out people riping off our heads. We can agree to disagree.<br />
<br />
I grew up Catholic. Then be came Lutheran ; then Presbyterian. I have studied and came to the conclusion for myself there is the source of all good vs our egos.<br />
<br />
Try to figure out for yourself who God is for you.A God of your own understanding.

I also think organized religion is a crock of crap.All organized religion expound there virtues and condemn those who think differently.I realize people need to feel that this ife is not all there is,that they will"live on" in some form or another but when you let religion dominate your life and thinking it's not a good thing!!I agree that catholisism is pretty stupid and yes mormonism is worst.Mormons let their religion totally RULE everyaspect of their lives,it's all they can think or talk about..I get so sick of it all I want to scream sometimes.Why can't we all just get along and believe in the good in others and let Religion go???

Do None of you people have spell check?

I agree completely...some catholics are soo stupid! All religion does in the first place is start wars! And the bible doens't make any sence anyways. My friend is really religious and she comes from a religious family. Guess why she beleives the Titanic sunk? Because sence the builders said not even god could destroy it, he wanted to 'prove them wrong'. Like wtf?! Why would he do that if he is all good?

A very decent quick read post. Thank You.

I like you, you seem dark and very logical also like the kind of person who if they had personal proof of the divine would follow it to the letter. At least your hot or cold and not lukewarm like so many hypocritical ***** in the world today. Amen sister

Apologetics is mealy mouthed horse-crap. Read the bible with an open mind more than an open heart.Jesus was just a pissed rabi trying to unite the Jews against the Pharisee's and Rome.Everything else was tagged onover time.Dont go quoting Jocephus on me either. The gospels were written after Jesus' life time and the canon(books making up "THE BIBLE") was finalised at the Council of Nicea oohh my dates are fussy but ti was over a couple hundred years. This is church history.Historical fact.Yet people walk around like a big hand came out of the sky and took down notes for everybody and then used magic to guide all the translations through the years withou it becoming morphed or tainted. Its a human instinct to bond of ritualised esoterica. Thats why all tribes do it to some extent.Its a crutch for the dumb, the scared,the heirarcy obsessed and the those needing a sanctioned demon for their cruelty. To paraphrase the Buddah...GET OVER YOURSELF!

I am an atheist, but i live in italy, in a quite religious community, so i learned quite a bit of theology. <br />
<br />
First thing, the "bush on fire" and the "sea rise" are mainly metaphores. <br />
<br />
Then, even if they contraddict theyselves sometimes (remember theology is in a sense the art of making something look believeable) only in america they reach such weird and fanatic the ones believing in creationism or those who force their children to be religious. The christians i knows are incredibly altruistic people, not perfect, but generally pleasant, calm and well capable to accept even my point of view, which is, ironically, of total contempt for even just the concept of "God".<br />
<br />
In the end, i think there is no reason to hate those who like to believe in fairy tales, like Christians :p

It has othing to do with what deomination u r, all religon is fake,<br />
<br />
All though, without religon there would be chaos on earth..... 90% of people are followers 10% are misleaders!

Hi,<br />
<br />
The bible from beginning to end is most likely the ravings of very sick people. Back then, they were not aware of schizophrenia, obsessive compulsive disorder, depression and other serious mental illnesses. So, therefore, the one God spoke to, or the one who saw the vision etc. was considered special. I am sad that this mythological, sick hoax is still creating the dreadful situations it is even to this day. I truly believe it is an insult to our creator himself. God is not a sick violent, stupid person. I just wish he were with us on this planet and I do hope there is an afterlife. We don't need all that stupidity to know what is right or wrong. Cause and effect is all we need.<br />
<br />
Take Care and try to be happy. Ignore all this religious stuff that was drilled into us from the time we could speak. It hurts many. If you don't understand or like it. Be glad you are not enslaved and be happy.

I don't agree with some of the points you make in your post (as others said, read up, consult apologetics, etc...) but I agree that Cathoic dogma is some of the very worst. I'd contend that Mormonism is just as bad, though.

ha! ive been forced to live with an obsessive catholic all my life!! not too long ago she told me i was going to "perish"...(her word, not mine...) i was just like, did you just use the word PERISH??? n started gigglin like a school-girl...then she narrowed her eyes n sed "you may be lafin now...but you'll be squirming when your burning in HELL!!" LOL :P

Oh, that was nice. Wishing eternal torture on you. How CHRISTIAN of her!

Hey, you make sense. I am ---- upset about religions because there is this thread of characteristics found in al of them that is really really great, like the creator, the sustainer, the good of all that is goodness and stuff like that. THEN, there are all these obviously man made stupid things like stuff that women can't do, and then stuff like do not lie or kill but they are all doing this. <br />
<br />
I think we should in general not just up an kill someone!! But, self defense is needed and sometimes countries can't get along no matter what so a war will decided who gets the upper hand. <br />
<br />
I think we should in general not lie because then everyone would be second guesing eachother, and life would be caotic, however, a lie to protect someone's life may be necessary.<br />
<br />
Maybe you would benefit from and enjoy two pieces that I wrote on my blog, since you are thinking a lot like I have expressed in these pieces. <br />
<br />
One is titled, "How Many Gods of Peace?" and the other is titled, "What Religion am I?"<br />
<br />
Keep thinking, I think there are MANY MORE LIKE US and we are growing in numbers. <br />
<br />

Thank you sombreo (spelling) I have been reading the bible to see if I would feel differently about GOD and such and I don't. I I also read that part about the mans daughters. It pissed me off. When I ask Christians about it and how they feel alright with those things they just blow it off as two things. ONE thats the old testament and TWO thats just how things were in those days. Give me a break.

Maybe it has something to do with the religion your looking at. Or maybe it's just the people. You have to understand can't judge God based on what you hear people say or see them do. people are human and make mistakes. that's a given.<br />
<br />
Second I agree with the first post. You really need to read up on some stuff. I'm not saying read the bible it'll give you all the answers and fix wont. I'm saying read up on stuff...especially the stuff your talking about. I haven't been studying the bible for a really long time but if I had the time I could sit here and write you a book on what you've got wrong or messed up here.

Retract the end of my last statement. The bible is an ancient text that is probably a very nice time-capsule from those times and some people will find value from a text like that... I just wish people would stop saying "Just read the bible" as if that will convert automatically.<br />
I tried, it didn't…I wish I hadn’t wasted my time.<br />
“No, don’t rape this man, he is a guest, instead take my virgin daughter and do with her what you will”<br />
!!!! that made me laugh as much as the rapist daughters!

Why not call them stupid? The preacher stands at his pulpit (or whatever) and talks about non-believers as if they’re the scum of the earth...that is pretty stupid. She can call it whatever she wants, I call it wilful ignorance, she calls it stupid. And why should she read the bible? Will that give her the ‘right’ answers any more then the Koran or the Babylonian creation tablets? Every religious book is as fake as another, not worth the time of a smart person who’s seen enough to realize this.

Stupidest is not a word... you ruin your whole point in the fist sentence

it doesn't invalidate her point to use a word that doesn't exist, it makes her vocabulary questionable, but the point is still very much there, and I agree with it.

Fair enough..but Ive been forced to study it for a number of years in primary school..and thats enough research for me. But a 10 year old knowing "catholics"dont make sense...says alot/