What Separates An Atheist From A Christian

A belief system? How can something as simple as a belief system separate people who are equal. Christians go on and on about how Atheists are being led on a chain by Satan. But I see no difference. I see nothing more than a belief. There are good Christians and there are bad Christians. There are good Atheists and there are bad Atheists. Making them equal. But that rediculous belief will seperate them in life. I do NOT understand how people -like Christians are trying to lead a life for 'God' and turn around and spit in Non-religious faces. "You're going to hell for not believing *NEENER NEENER NEENERRR*

If there were and afterlife, If there were a God, and he is truly 'good'. Do you think something as simple as a disbelief will separate man in the afterlife? Or do you think the only thing that will matter, will be the good deeds and bad deeds?
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What I don't understand is why most people that are so called Christian act like there faith is better then others and force their beliefs sometimes,as I see it all the time being done. I have even seen people believe in the bible so much they put hate against others for even when there bible tells them its wrong to do so, that you should love everyone but if they had real faith in it they would know only one can judge. I honestly don't like Religion because of the horrible things done in the name of it.

Exactly, I was just talking to a Christian earlier today about this same subject. There is more than one way to enlightenment. Just because it worked for you, doesn't mean it will work for others. We are all different. The way I see it, Jesus was the first and last Christian. Most of them are too corrupt to wake up and realize facts.

You can't just go around criticizing people about how they act. You're just being a hypocrite if you do so. They aren't preaching the word, they are preaching the corrupt word.

You can't experience the good in life by reading a bible.
You experience the good...by doing good. Not reading about it.

So true see my dad is a Christian and so is my mom and they believe in living by the bible and doing good they don't force anything on others however, they understand that there is different groups and are open minded people. I just felt I had to point that out there so others don't think I see everyone one way that's not the case, its just there is a lot of rotten apples that give it a bad name sometimes.

This is true. Same goes for any individual. There are rotten apples everywhere. Haha.

I'm curious, have you ever read the Bible in its entirety? :)

Religion had its use back before science could explain the mysteries of earth. Personally, I see religion as sort of scary. Wild, blind devotion to an almighty, omnipotent god. Sort of like the part of 1984 where O'Brien denies that the earth revolves around the sun, because Big Brother says otherwise.

This is true. Also, religion wasn't in the state of corruption back in the day. Thanks for the comment!

Hi E, you said "I do NOT understand how people -like Christians are trying to lead a life for 'God' and turn around and spit in Non-religious faces."<br />
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What is there to LIKE about religion when it allows, permits or "gives the right" for people to treat others like that??? NOTHING. I think the part of religion that I HATE THE MOST is the "permission by god" to think of oneself as BETTER, SAVED, MORE LOVED, CHOSEN or HAVING POWER AND AUTHORITY over others...and this is from the same "god" that said to "HUMBLE thyself in the sight of the Lord"...<br />
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Please.....they don't even read their own propoganda. I hate religion...it kills!!!

Exactly. If people who act in this way are actually the "chosen ones" and are in fact going to this "heaven" place. I wouldn't want to worship their god. Nor would I want to be stuffed in a place with people like that for eternity. People know right from wrong just by their own instincts. They need to wake up and REALIZE. Realize that they aren't doing good by calling themselves religious. People are good when they do good. Just because you call yourself good...does not make one good.
Thanks for the comment!

EXACTLY....you said:Realize that they aren't doing good by calling themselves religious. People are good when they do good. Just because you call yourself good...does not make one good. ----THIS is what the "religious right" has done and contends that others who disagree with them are "not good"...well, they can just go to h....lol

"Seperate religion from God". I like that. That is what I am attempting to do. Needless to say it is a pretty tough task as there are many "gods" out there. Must I then go on to define my own "god" as well, further creating division? It is true what they say. Though I believe that we are created I think there is some merit to the following quote. "Man created God in his own image..." <br />
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Everyone lives by a certain set of rules, whether they are religious or not. I have learnt that being with someone who does not live by the same rules as you do is a recipe for disaster. But in a world were there is no absolute truth, how can we ever agree? Where is the middle ground?<br />
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I cannot believe in "nothingness" as I have experienced something of an enlightenment. I have looked at the majority of the worlds religions and have removed some totally from the "Godly & unGodly list". Some I can accept as good, others I deem harmful. I choose to increase myself in knowledge, but I feel as though I am digging a pit to create a mountain to stand on, all the while getting deeper and deeper into this hole.<br />
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Ignorance is not an option for me. So I must persevere. To what end? I do not know...

Create your own God, or be completely open and have no set beliefs, always think of the possibilities and ask yourself questions. This is the only way to get the true truth.

I always ask questions, that is how I got into this mess in the first place. haha. Knowledge is a burden, ignorance really is bliss...