I'm an atheist, and I feel so bad for every kid who have had religion forced down their throats, without having a chance to learn the scientific facts. I'm not afraid to die and not go anywhere, because of that I live my life to the fullest. I don't have to fear hell, or be forced to love an invisible dictator, because I'm not oblivious to the truth. Thank god I'm intelligent enough.
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There are many people who have found religion later in life. Parents having no factor in decision. Atheism is as close minded as man made religion. Become an agnostic lol, there is a God. We just don't know who or what it is. He is to powerful to waste time on us humans.

If we where to identify with a set man made religion. Hinduism earlier than that sanskrit, or the Vedict religion, brought in by the Ayrans into India.

The first religion believed man was lowly beings. Their gods where people from space. I know sounds like a science fiction movie.

Hinduism is the strongest and I believe last around. I suggest all to read about it. Has everything from human being used as mining and sex slaves. To a all out nuclear battle between two different space being races. I might add that if you do radiation test in India. There are huge spikes, evident a nuclear war long ago

I don't think you hate religion. You just have not found what works

Oh and atheism itself is a man made religion. It's a religion of no belief.

Religion is belief in the supernatural that have/had some sort of control over us. Atheism is exactly not that. How dare you call it a religion, when the very definition of atheism is non religious. A religion is not what you believe in. I believe the earth is round, that doesn't mean that this belief have turned into some religion. It's not some sort of religion either, atheism is the very opposite. Of course you believers may find it hard to believe that someone can live without religion, but don't come here with your bull **** "you just haven't found the right one yet", which of the 1000 religions do I pick from. It's not about that, it's about what's the truth, and what's proven. I hate religion. I hate the things it does to people. I hate the way it gets forced down the throat of children. I hate that people are so blind. I do not wish to force science down anyones throats either, simply teach children about it, as well as religion. Any intelligent human can honestly not believe in a creative, free-thinking, prayer listening and intelligent designer? And who would? He sends his sons to be tortured, he watches you constantly, judging and dictating you, and sends non-believers to hell. I'm never gonna become agnostic, I do not believe in Santa Claus, and to me God and him are very much the same.

They're both non-existent

Lol I'm not religious. Face palm* when discussing a belief or view of god it is a religious view. Because it's about god. It funny how that offends you atheist I merely spoke if religion in general. I'm not a Hindu either. So save your childish argument. I suggested you look into all religions, mayb you could find one, that fits you. Not hey do you wanna bash my belief system. Anyways your view every religion is stupid is beyond ignorant

I'm pretty sure he was annoyed was because you gave the completely opposite definition of an atheist or atheism. Also I'm an atheist and I'm not offended, but try to re-word or re-sentence your response. Because when you said "Lol I'm not religions" "I merely spoke *of (not if I'm pretty sure) in general." So after you say all of that, then you just go on advertising religion "I suggested you look into all religions, *maybe (not mayb) you could find one, that fits you." So your not religious, but you can talk about/know religion. But you also say "Not hey do you wanna bash my belief system." But you say to try find a religion? What you just said though makes no sense. So all I'm trying to say is that all the things you were trying to point out, made no point when your saying the opposite of what you were saying a second ago.

Sure buddy

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What we can't explain now, we can most likely explain in the future! Religion is man made. Does it make more sence that an intelligent being, who have been there since forever created the universe? To me that's just complicating things. The reason of religion is to comfort the weak and less intelligent people out there. Who would want to live of fear of hell, and be forced to love a god who doesent exist? And a fake morale.

Religion's days are numbered

Hell ya!