Raised a 4th Generation Jehovahs Witness

......nuff said, right?  After enduring four decades within this cult, I finally found the strength to break free and the damage done is immeasureable........but we (my husband and two grown sons) are on a path to recovery, but our experiences have created within us a firm belief that there is no good in any religion and the followers are worse........you don't need a structure or a group of people to confirm your spirituality.  We are shunned by all the people we ever knew, friends and family (my parents and cousins, aunt) that remain within the cult............and they believe this is the "kind" thing to do as directed by god, so that we will feel remorse for our "sin"........our "sin" according to them,  was of publicly disagreeing with their beliefs and vocally speaking out against them.........you would not believe the hypocrisy found within jehovah's witnesses, covering up child abuse, spousal abuse, etc........no different than alot of religions, but they preach that they are the "truth" and the only "god approved" organizaiton.......I have no use whatsoever, for religion or its followers!!!!

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3 Responses Mar 24, 2009

Well, congrats for breaking the whole thing. People need to fully understand that there's no need of religion, because there's no god, no heaven and nor hell. Religious people are liars and cheaters,they manipulate weak people for their own satisfaction and will of power.<br />
Every religion is the same, Jeovah's witness, Catholics, Muslim of Jews, and I wish all time that everybody did what you did : breaking it and being free.

and the congregation said aaammmeeenn! Save me a seat!! :>)

Congrats on making the break. I can tell you the same thing happens to Catholics. However Catholics are the "truth" and the only "god approved" organization. I also was an employee of Lutheran Corporate; guess what, they are the "truth" and the only "god approved" organization.<br />
<br />
If the people I know, who know they are going to heaven, do go to heaven – I choose Hell. Welcome to sin!