Why Can't I Hate Religion?

I'm from Ireland, a catholic country, a christian country. I hate religion. Not many people are like me or are willing to denounce their allegiance to their respective religion. I feel alone. I consider myself an agnostic, leaning towards the evolution side of the creation argument. Why? Because there is way more proof that we evolved from single celled organisms that just "poof" god magically created us. Way to much proof than the creationism side of the story.

But I do believe that there is a spiritual side to life. I think that the emotions we feel towards other people, songs, sports or situations are too much than just chemical reactions in our bodies. I think the existence of god needs to be proved of disproved in order for me to believe in an almighty creator. I think it would be alot more impressive if we were a result coincidence and struggled and survived and evolved to become the beings we are today. I believe in the idea of karma, keeps my moral compass in check, I do good, good will come back to me in turn, I suffer or persevere through the bad times Ill come out better in end.

However the idea of religion is an area I do possibly hate. Hate is such a strong word but I think I'm comfortable saying it about religion. A considerable amount of major conflicts have been the result of religious differences Catholics V Protestants in the north of my country, The Crusades, the 9/11 and the London bombing attacks and many more, just look them up. That's only one reason.

My other reason comes from the fact that all religions impose their ideals and rules on their followers. In Catholicism if I commit a sin, basically I go to hell. Why cant I just live a decent live, treat others like I would like to be treated but if I fancy going a little wild without hurting others, why cant I? Why must I suffer so I can live a happy after life? if that even exists. I shouldn't have to be scared into being a nice person.

Two; I don't like the way people look up to god for help. During bad, stressful or tense times in any situation people pray for the strength to overcome the situation. Why cant you just look within yourself and find the strenght to do it? We all have it inside of us. The human body and mind can go incredibly further than we think it can. Take the Roman armies for example, marching miles upon miles carrying over 100lbs of equipment only to go into battle for their lives. Such physical and mental effort is required to live this kind life, one must believe that this kind of power still resides in us all and that we can over come anything without the help of "god".

Three; we are born into religions. I was raised to believe in god and the catholic life. I was baptized, communion and confirmation. Bullshit. I never had a choice in the matter, just a blind sheep. Though I cant be mad at my parents over it cause I can understand the pressures they would have been to raise a normal family and not being incredibly religious themselves it was more like going through the motions for them, they never expected me to become a priest or anything but still I never had a choice, nor did many others in many other religions. It wasn't until I was in my 4th year of secondary school (3rd last year of school) that I realized that all religion was man made. A person from a group that basically saved people from cults came into talk to us about them because we'd be soon off to college and such organizations prey on young fresh naive college students. But he told us about different cults and how even Christianity is possibly even a cult. And so did my own research and found that all religion is man made.

If Jesus did exist he did not sit down and say what I believe and what my father believes is call X and you all should believe in X from now on. NO he said this is the moral way to live your life, a way that everybody gets on with everyone else in a civil and respectful manor, nobody dies etc. we all read the stories and we all know how we should treat others, we either do it or we don't or we sit on the fence. We, humans, decided that what he said is called Christianity, Islam, catholic, Lutheran and so forth.

4; I don't like being told what to do by a possible made up person aka god. "Worship me and do as I say and Ill let you live forever as long as you suffer in this live 1st" "OK, NO suck my balls, don't tell me what to do!" The bible or god says to honor my mother and father, fair enough I will, you mess with my family we will have serious problems, they raised me, made me the stable person I am today, put me through college and gave me every help in the world, I would do anything for them. But ol' god can ask me to kill them to prove my love to him/her, **** that ****! I will try to kill god rather than my parents if he/she ever asks me to do so. At that point I stopped reading the bible.

However on the flipside of all this I can see why people turn to religion. It gives people strength and hope to get through the day and live a good life. If believing in Catholicism, Islam etc means they're nice to others and wont kill or rape anyone or keeps them clear of drugs and alcohol then by all means, do what you must. But I do feel such strength is within us all but it can also be very hard to find on our own and that religion can bring out the best in us yet also the worst.

It has been hard for me to get me point across through this medium, not all my ideas can be put down here, it alot easier to explain in person. I would like to talk with like minded people about this subject and all comments are welcome.




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Hate whatever you want. Jesus still loves you.

Yeah I agree with that :) Congrats. I'm sure lots of people feel similarly.

At last, someone has said what I have thought all along!! Brilliantly said!

Well said m8!