Religion Is a Waste of Time and Is Used For Fear Purposes

I grew up protestant, and attended church many Sundays.  My parents were not religious freaks, but this was passed from their parents.  For 2 years I had to attend a class once every other week of brainwashing bullshit to be confirmed.  What a waste of time.  They should have made me learn something worth while.  At least one of my best friends had to go through it with me.    Two years of learning bullshit fairy tales out of some old book. 


After I was confirmed in 8th grade it was my choice if I wanted to go to church.  Of course I made the choice of not going.  I told my parents I didn't believe in any of it, but they just thought I was a smart assed teenager.  Which I was in most ways, but I really didn't believe and don't know if I ever really did.  I really only went to church on major holidays more out of respect to my parents, and grandparents.


When I went away to college is when I really figured out I didn't believe in god or jesus.  There were other people who shared my same views on the subject.  I now consider myself an atheist.  I just can't see how you can live your life for some supposed god?  If there is some all knowing being he is kind of a ***** because of all the stuff that goes on around the world .  I do things that are morally right not because I think some vengeful god is watching, but because it is right. 


My theory on religion is that it was created to keep people in fear.  Keep them scared so the masses will line up.  I think religion holds societies back, and keeps people living in their own god fearing world.  People are afraid of death.  Why can't you just accept that when you die your brain shuts down, and there is no more activity.  You are dead thats it.


I used to argue with religious people, and tell them how stupid they are.  I realized this is a waste of time because most people aren't going to change their core beliefs no matter how solid of a point you have.  This is a free country so you can worship how you want, just don't tell me I am damned to hell because of my beliefs.  I will never step foot in a church again.  Except for certain events weddings and funerals.  Don't be afraid to not believe in a god.  When you release yourself from this god thing you will finally be free.

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I believe in a God - a Supreme Being but not in religion or in any of the hearsay written in the old books of any of the religions. <br />
At least I should say that some of the written morals on how to treat fellow humans I observe. How can a person believe in all that is put in those old books Example would be Moses going up into the moi<br />
mountains ande coming down with the ten commandments one saying THOU SHALL NOT KILL yet he was a killer He killed an Eygptian. <br />
I think the commandments are ok and that is about all thats any good They at least instill some morals and laws to abide by. Religions on the other hand are created by power hungry indiviiduals for their own purpose.<br />
The Catholics tried killing all who didn't believe in their religion Henry the 8th wanted to get rid of his wife so he started his own religion and Mohammed wanted to have sex with young girls so he created his own religion Every religion has its own story and they all think their are the true one and they are willing to kill or abuse anyone that is against them.<br />
People don't need religion

Be a good person because it's the right thing to do ... not because you think there is "being in the heavens" looking down on you.

Be a good person because it's the right thing to do ... not because you think there is "being in the heavens" looking down on you.

You are going to hell! (sorry, my gut response because you told me not too say it)<br />
<br />
If you do, I'll see you there.<br />
<br />
I did have some success destroying peoples faiths in college, after school I no longer get to have those debates :(<br />
<br />
Plus I think most college kids are for the first time in a position to question their parents religion. After college most have committed one way or the other.<br />
<br />
Nice story thanks for sharing it.