I Hate What Religion Has Done To Me, My Family, And Perhaps My Children....

Let me start by saying that intellectually I find theists somewhat lacking..My Atheism (with a capital A) is something I've come to to after much deliberation and thought, rather than a position taken through fashion or fad.

My family finds itself in some danger, as silly as that sounds, through our lack of belief. My partner, a non practicsing Muslim, who has borne me a child, has been threatened by members of her family. As have I, an atheist, who happens to have Northern Irish parentage- a parentage that feels a certain amount of hatred to non 'Christian' marriages.


So to everyone who feels able to target those who don't fit their religious or race ideals, I have one thing to say.;


You mean nothing. You are ***** that are not worthy of my spittal.

Racists, Theists, Wankers, *****.

You're only worthy to cook my fries, or empty my bins. Luckily your intelligence is limited, and perhaps the best example of Darwins theory that is needed.

Have a Dennys/MaccyD's/Wendys and....

Get fatter.

After all you are, truely, the scum of the earth.


MrPloppy MrPloppy
36-40, M
Feb 12, 2010