Damn You Religious People!

Grrr. They all just **** me right the **** off. Especially those damn Christians. I am Agnostic. I dont believe "God" exists, but I do believe some other higher life form exists and helped to kick off our life form. I mean. Really. STOP TELLING ME I AM GOING TO HELL BECAUSE I AM NOT IN YOUR RELIGION. Did you know that no matter who you are you are going to hell according to the bible? Because there is more than one religion whose religious book states. IF YOU ARE NOT ________ YOU WILL GO TO HELL. My friend told me about two weeks ago that a Catholic girl went to a Christian church with a friend and was HARASSED by some of them for NOT being Christian. Oh. Another time. I was at a school function for a program I am in (ROTC). We were doing a lock-in and TWO, not just one, but TWO Christians tried to make me conform. They were all like... "Oh "God" saved me. He can save you too." or "He can forgive all your sins" and blah blah blah. Shut the **** up. I dont want to hear it. Long story short. Dont push your damn views or gods on me. I have a tendency to retaliate when you do >:]
braindeadteen braindeadteen
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3 Responses Aug 12, 2010

well am a Muslim and just few days ago few ppl tried to make me think me and my friend worshipping the wrong God ,hell am not a religious person so I cant argued when they brought up things from my religion holy book (lol I even never read all of it but they seems read that lol)

I just get annoyed by these ppl, I respect all beliefs and I never give a **** about other ppl holybook

My friend said if I did believe, I'd need to get heaven points right before I die so go kill myself 8 or 9 people on social security or homeless so then my other buddy said what about welfare people, he started to laugh his *** off and says them is worth double points! Only gotta kill half the amount lmao

yo i hate when people do that, im catholic but i dont ***** about my religious views to any 1 else lol