The Ultimate Cure/repellent For Proselytizers

is a high-powered megaphone. Keep one near the door, and whenever you get bothered by Jehovah's Witnesses or whoever else may be trying to convert you, grab it, turn it to max volume, open the door and scream as loud as you can into it before they have a chance to say a word. If they don't leave after one blast, just keep screaming into it until they get the picture. I prefer a wordless incoherent shout, but other tactics can work just as well depending on the situation. Shouting angry phrases in German works well, as does blaspheming, or shouting "Satan" over and over again. The most important thing is DO NOT LET THEM SPEAK. Let them get one word in and they'll think they have a chance of getting you to listen. Do this to enough proselytizers, and word will eventually get around that your home is to be avoided. This tactic can be adapted to get rid of numerous other irritating people, and don't think it's limmited to home use either. If you don't want to carry a megaphone around, stick a small airhorn or other loud noisemaker in your pocket. Yes, I know this sounds immature, but IT WORKS. If nothing else it can be a backup plan to be used on truly persistent people.
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why if there were on ep, and try to shove their beliefs in other ppl throat by words ^ ^ should I write whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa get hell out from meeeeeeeeeeeeee lol