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We All Don't Have the Same Beliefs

I have nothing against religion but I'm tired of people trying to  interfere with what our children read .I allow my kids to read Harry Potter books or anything to do with ghosts and goblins . I can't believe people actually believe that these kinds of books promote witchcraft . there is a woman in my state that has actually tried to have books removed from schools because she feels they're bad and will cause damage . she has admitted she's never read the books . Georgia has one of the lowest scores in reading and many other subjects  and in my home town the schoolboard didn't allow Harry Potter in the school library .But yet they had the  The Hobbit ,all of the ,Chronicles of Narnia which involves  witches ,evil and magic .My daughers have read these books and they own these books and not one of them has ever cast a spell .And they have admitted to their church members that they have read them  and made some of them curious about the books because it promotes good  over evil  and of course it's just fiction .A good imagination isn't evil  it's a gift .
rcrisp rcrisp 36-40, F 1 Response Jun 9, 2007

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I totally agree with you. And as a former school librarian - I'd hate for this to happen in any school.