Hate Muslim Fanatics

When I open up the t.v to watch some news to get knowledge, I always see fanatic Muslims who are really pity, and who also detonate themselves "KA-BOOM!!! "

phew, he's gone, but actually he killed lots of innocents in order to just MAKE HIS OWN WORDS HEAR-ABLE...

Dear Reader, just think that your mom or even your soul-mate was in the crime scene, just in the wrong day and in the wrong time...just tell me -If you can- about your feelings, huh?

personally, I was Muslim till I reached 15, then my life has changed....my view point in life has also changed... now I'm Free

The fanatic Muslims have an effective part, till now actually.... they bring fear to innocent victims, and say they were send by GOD, but I say, they're Lucifer's followers because they have ruined the true,peaceful picture about Real Islam, even me...I've deleted Islam from my way, especially after witnessing thousands of people are killed everyday by those butchers, or "Bristling Barnacles" as captain Haddock says :)

What " I " Can Do?

the answer is nothing, but I really want to send them an important message saying : "people's lives are not toys in your hands,you're not even GOD himself to determine who dies and who don't. Actually, GOD hates the person who thinks he can be like him, and mostly who kills lots of people without a useful reason, so Go To HELL "

adamwillis adamwillis
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4 Responses Mar 7, 2010

I don't like any fanatics be it christian or muslim.

I even hate religious practices... but i wouldn't mention any name here because it might be embarrassing for them... though i believe in God.. :))

It`s nice that you can see the truth about such a religion that caused lots of pain hopefully you get to advic blind followers.<br />
Your question about if we had someone we love in that crime scene made me wonder about how would I feel but I guess that I would be wounded forever as time can`t heal the lost of a beloved one.

I dispise Christianity and Islam equally. They both eat camel dung.