It is hard to imagine that any curse in any language would be enouh to get across my total contempt for the piece of worthless garbage that is known as Rent.

But I shall try.

The Plot:

This consist of, "a team of layabouts set out to avoid paying the rent that they agreed to pay because they refuse to actually work". Am I supposed to feel bad that the guy who owns the buildings in question is tired of losing money so lazy people can occupy them? Selling out is actually getting a job and suceeding in life? It romanticizes laziness and failure and poverty, which are all bad things. In real life, of course, you sign a lase when you rent that often says you can be thrown out if you don't pay. If you don't lie it, sorry, you signed the damn piece of paper ya nitwit!

The Characters:

As mentioned above, the characters are good for nothings. Ther isn't a likeable one in the bunch, since their primary motive is selfishness.

The good point of the movie is that one of these f*ckers dies! Yes!

The downside is I can never hurt this movie in the way that it hurt me. It stole two hours of my life that I can never get back, leaving a cold emptiness that can only be filled by bitter hatred.

TheBren TheBren
22-25, M
3 Responses Jun 9, 2007

Actually, had you paid attention when watching the movie, they were promised that they could live there rent-free. They never signed anything.

actually it stole more than 2 hours of ur life, since it bugged u so much, u ended up wasting more of ur life by writing about it, grrrrrrrrrrr, dont ya hate that ;)

lol- i hated the musical and i cant believe they made it into a movie