Just Listen To Me For Once

I sympathize to people when I know they can't hear me, or they're distracted by something important. If they have something else to worry about, I get that they just can't leave what they're doing and give all attention to me. The universe does not revolve around me and people have lives. It is incredibly arrogant, self centered, and selfish for anyone to think otherwise and full attention expect from anyone. But when people aren't busy in any way and they can hear you perfectly clear, but just don't give a crap about what you're saying and don't listen, IT'S RUDE. I take time out of my day and make sure not to interrupt you when you're caught up in something, but you just don't care about what I'm saying, don't listen, and I have to ask me to repeat myself. If you didn't hear me, and have no reasonable excuse, too bad. I'm not going to say it again. When I talk I have a reason to. I could have something really important to mention, like aliens are attacking, and you wouldn't know because apparently my opinion must not matter to you. Listen up next time!
Angelwings7 Angelwings7
13-15, F
1 Response Jun 25, 2011