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I have an extremely quiet voice. I always remember in Middle and High school when the teacher would call on me, everyone in the class would stop talking so that the room was dead silent because everyone knew it was hard to hear me, but on top of that...that made me get nervous and even more shy so I tended to talk even quieter so then the teacher had to ask me to repeat myself.....and most times they would have to ask me to repeat my self several times:( The teachers would eventually learn that I just did not talk and so they let me stay quiet...I did not even have to participate in class discussions :)
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but i feel ignored sometimes when talking in a group

I can two..but If I am asked to talk I feel I am getting too much attention.

well you are getting attention

Ik I hate it

i would do anything to avoid speaking in front of a class full of students

Hm... That's interesting. I know someone at my work who's really quiet like that too.

Haha maybe me and that person could be friends haha..although we would most likely never talk