What Have They Done?

Can anyone honestly tell me what each party has done to make the US a richer, safer, honest, well educated and freer nation?  I think we really need to start looking at 3rd party alternatives or independents and their ideas to get this nation back on track!  If you believe a 3rd party can never win, just remember that the Republicans used to be a 3rd party.  The first Republican President was Abraham Lincoln.
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The election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860 was the result of a different time in which all parties were given time. Now, both parties and the media are controlled by the corporations, who will use the media to "discredit" all third party candidates and convince voters to ignore them (Ross Perot may have won in '92 had he been a corporate ***** like Bush and Clinton were.) Nothing short of an armed uprising will bring about real change to the system.

Wrong.<br />
Under Clinton, tax revenues exceeded expenditures for 3 years...until Republican tax cuts brought on recession in 2001 followed by unemployment followed by deregulation followed by loan fraud followed by national collapse.<br />
Not to mention Ike starting Vietnam, Raygun and Beirut, Iran Contra, The most corrupt admin in history...shall I go on?<br />
<br />
We have no choice but to spend like drunken sailors on leave OR go into a global depression. Don't let this be 1932 all over again, when bankers said "Save us from inflation" an started WWII.<br />
<br />
Now what did you get from Democrats? 3 years of surplus with record employment.<br />
NASA. The space program. Fiberglas. Interstate freeways. Hoover dam, not to mention all the little ones, every bridge you've ever driven over, cars with air bags saving 30,000 lives a year, Birth Control and Abortion rights, the end of Vietnam...shall I go on?

What worthwhile thing has NASA done since they put a man on the moon in '69? The interstate freeways were because of Eisenhower, a Republican. The end of Vietnam was also the result of the policies of the Republican Richard Nixon. Birth control was the result of free market innovation, not partisan politics. Abortion rights came due to a Supreme Court decision, not partisan politicians.

Nope. The interstate freeway system began as a study group under WILSON when the Army could not move troops.The end of Vietnam could have come on exactly the same terms when Nixon took office, but he decided to kill another 33000 kids. Birth Control R&amp;D was paid for by Tax Dollars. Abortion rights came due to a Supreme Court reading the polls and telling the republicans to screw off.

As you said, Wilson's interstate freeway system was a STUDY GROUP. That means that it was small-scale and limited in scope. Eisenhower made it a reality. And Nixon "killed another 33000 kids" in Vietnam out of political necessity (wars come as you want, but do not end as you please.)

Wrong. The Study Group convened after a 2 million dollar (1918 dollars) attempt to move 1 brigade from New York to San Francisco. It took 31 days. Thus the need for a MASSIVE expenditure for the freeway system. Nixon killed 33000 and got exactly the same terms he was offered illegally in 1968. That is fact, not excuses for murder.

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Under Dem's and Rep's we have had 40-50 years of deficit spending. The Clinton years were a 'mirage' from a deficit viewpoint. Wild Bill was dismantling the military like never before. That is where we got the 'surpluses'.<br />
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What we need to do is go back to the gold standard and only print money that is backed by gold.<br />
<br />
We also need to stop spending like drunken sailors.

The Clinton years, says the GAO, if not for Bush's tax cuts with 49% of the gain going to the top 1% and 88% going to the top 12%, would have America debt free by now.