because the democrats are no better. the problem with our system is that everyone must think like a particular group. no more freethinkers. when you start forming groups, people go to extreme ends to prove they are the most devoted to that group. then you end up with a bunch of closed-minded extremists. just use your effing minds and stop trashing others opinions.
EntrepGuy EntrepGuy
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we don't have to take any side on political parties. when I tell people I like Obama, if they ask me if I'm a democrat I say no, I just like obama.

I would seem that if we like Obama, then we should be able to support him without having to taint him with the whole Democratic party. For example, I think if we nominate Mrs. Clinton, we self-destruct. Especially if she wins, because I don't think she can effectively lead. Obama appears that he can and will unite much of the country.

haha, thank you. I've been fairly impressed by obama, but I've had this opinion for years.

Did you write this before Obama came prominently on the scene? I'm wondering because I was a Republican and I became a Democrat in order to vote for Obama in my state primary.