"Noah's Ark II"

A retired NASA engineer named Jim McLance suggested a way to jump start human settlements on Mars with the idea of a pioneer journey be a one way flight. I would like to suggest that the crew on this pioneer journey should be given to all the Republicans, Conservative Right Wingers, and most of all to the Conservative Evangelical religious idiots. The baggage compartment should have enough room to load all the other weak minded religious followers on earth.
 In order to fund this project we could help contribute by helping to pay for the tickets of the before mentioned cases of pollution and the corruption that has plagued this planet for the last thousands of years and that would be our first step In cleaning this planet up for sure.
 We must realize it will be an easy sale to the Republican Christian element by just getting them to realize that this is their promised coming rapture. Therefore they will be glad to pay for their own tickets. It’s easy to pass anything off on them and the Republican Party has got that ‘down- pat’ so let’s just use this pattern of deception on them here for this sale.
Also I think this space craft should be named: “NOAH’S ARK II”.  This should really put the finishing touches to this deception if we stress it will only take 6 days to build it.
Ron Goldfield
rongold53 rongold53
56-60, M
3 Responses Dec 2, 2010

And, I hope I do not become part of any of those groups! YAY!! Hugs, LW

And at the rate we are going...no thought ofpeople, lives, children, diesease, etc . We will be sending more than 1 more group. How about at least 10!!! Hugs, LW

I do not want my Hoah's Ark going anywhere with them.. They are not what it represents AT ALL!! And as long as we allow this world to be ruled by money and the wants of the rich we will be sending another group by another name to join them! Hugs, LW