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We Did Not Have Religion We Had Politics

When I was little I knew exactly who JFK was, but I did not know who Jesus Christ was.
It's the truth. I was taught the party platforms like some kids were taught to memorize bible verses.
In the summer, other kids went to bible school, I went to Democrat rallies.
I was taught not to trust a Republican for any reason. We usually whispered the word "Republican" becauase we always said it with the F word in front of it.
I have never knowingly had sex in any form with a Republican, when I was single, I used to require voters registration cards and condoms before even thinking about intimacy!
I was never going to give a *******Republican pleasure, they are too cruel and heartless to offer gifts of love and pleasure.(BESIDES, I hear MOST Republicans HAVE SERIOUS SEXUAL ISSUES)
That is pretty much my childhood. I don't regret it. I am still waiting for the Republicans to prove my folks wrong.
Peace..Make Love Not War!
amagiclady amagiclady 51-55, F 4 Responses Jan 26, 2011

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lol I sit at lunch with this super conservative chick. I just can't help but debate her on so many political topics. We literally disagree on everything. And even though I don't mind her, I can't help but have that thing inside of me that says "dumb ******* Republican".

Republicans and sex are amusing. Their fear of gays, secret "hookups" and fixation on anal sex always attract attention. Most can keep their pants on but the others make them ALL look bad.

wow, what rational explanations to justify your hate<br />
<br />
I'm glad to know y'all hate me. It means I'm do the right thing

As my mom says "I wouldn't vote for a Republican if a good one ran."