We Did Not Have Religion We Had Politics

When I was little I knew exactly who JFK was, but I did not know who Jesus Christ was.
It's the truth. I was taught the party platforms like some kids were taught to memorize bible verses.
In the summer, other kids went to bible school, I went to Democrat rallies.
I was taught not to trust a Republican for any reason. We usually whispered the word "Republican" becauase we always said it with the F word in front of it.
I have never knowingly had sex in any form with a Republican, when I was single, I used to require voters registration cards and condoms before even thinking about intimacy!
I was never going to give a *******Republican pleasure, they are too cruel and heartless to offer gifts of love and pleasure.(BESIDES, I hear MOST Republicans HAVE SERIOUS SEXUAL ISSUES)
That is pretty much my childhood. I don't regret it. I am still waiting for the Republicans to prove my folks wrong.
Peace..Make Love Not War!
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3 Responses Jan 26, 2011

lol I sit at lunch with this super conservative chick. I just can't help but debate her on so many political topics. We literally disagree on everything. And even though I don't mind her, I can't help but have that thing inside of me that says "dumb ******* Republican".

wow, what rational explanations to justify your hate<br />
<br />
I'm glad to know y'all hate me. It means I'm do the right thing

As my mom says "I wouldn't vote for a Republican if a good one ran."