I understand their a greaty bunch of pigs that care for nothing but themselves!! Capitalism has an all for me type attitude.
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Capitalism is the best system that we have. It is a free market system where a man can make himself from nothing into something great, through hard work and preserverance. No other system works as good. That is why comunism has failed, why monarchy has failed in the past.

Republicans are pigs !!!????!!!<br />
hmm, that's weird because I thought their logo is a donkey -too shabby :P<br />
<br />
I once overheard that republicans differ from democrats by spending us worker's sweat and tears for their own international agendas , thus "the benefit of the nation"<br />
but I do not see any difference with a democrat ruling the US.<br />
<br />
Capitalism is another thing, it's the Idealistic thought of discriminating people for how much money they have.<br />
<br />
i.e:<br />
<br />
I wanna go overseas, so the embassy refuses to admission me if I have few bucks.<br />
If approved, I'd probably go by plane on an economy class, or with cargo if applicable!<br />
If I managed to reside, as temporary as a student, I MUST work as a hard machine with different part time jobs to afford food and housing, rather than tuition.<br />
(I'd be torn out just to find some peacefulness in mind; meanwhile I really helped the foreign with my daily contributions, then I'd be deported later to my ex country !).<br />
<br />
If I won a million buck right away right now, I'd store them in an International bank first<br />
then, I'd submit an investor application, so I can open up some business overseas.<br />
Rather than that, I'd be the boss, assign persons under my nose, and let them do the hard work for me; while I would probably be chilling out, visiting mountains and rock climbing with camping and fishing, or having a sun bath at the beach, with a groovy night parties that lasts til the sunrise.<br />
(I'd be helping the country paying higher than average taxes, but I'd be happy of myself, and my achievements I've made as the CEO !)<br />
<br />
<br />
so, in the end, yes..capitalism works, just like how life is sad but true.<br />
<br />
"A camel worth a Penny<br />
.....But there's No Penny "<br />
<br />
-Old Saying

a "commie pinko bastard" would be better then the a capitalist *****-sucker*, to say the lest...

There are a great many greedy people in the world whether it be in a capitalist society or any other society.One thing we are learning from all change in governments around the world lately is whoever has the power is abusing it.Mubarak-on trial for stealing billions from the Egyptian people,Kaddafi-being sought for stealing millions and of course killing innocent lives,Tunisia started this current uprising all because a government agent took a weigh scale from a poor fruit salesman and then slapped him when he begged for it back.<br />
In communist countries we know the top people live great lives while the rest live in substandard life styles.<br />
Forget dictators we know how they are.Socialist countries have a ton of their own problems namely they can't continue to subsidize everyone's life.<br />
So now back to capitalism-at least you have the opportunity to do something that you want,be your own boss and treat people as well as you like or not.If an employee does not like how he/she is being treated they can always quit and start their own business or work somewhere else.Not the case in most of those other types of societies.<br />
I appreciate your thoughts but my question is if not capitalism then what would be better?Thanks.

boy r u brainwased & stupid!