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 My representative in congress is really starting to get on my nerves. I subscribe to his emails just to keep tabs on what he's doing and it really annoys me that he can't do anything on his own. He feels he must stick to party lines rather then represent the people who put him there. Thankfully I can say that I'm not one of the people who put him there but the bottom line is that I will be one of the ones who actively tries to get him unseated when the elections come around.

 His latest is that he and his republican colliguesare so proud of sending a bill to the president that will save the middle class payroll tax breaks and extend unemployment for a year. There's just one little catch. It also includes a little piece that would force the president to make a decision on the keystone pipeline within two months. He says that the pipeline would generate 20,000 new and sustainable jobs in the U.S. for years to come while saving us from the energy crisis that comes from getting our oil from the middle east!

 Wow! Now isn't that exciting! It would be except that the reality of this pipeline is that first of all, most of this oil is already slated to be shipped over seas. Also the claim of "tens of thousands" of jobs is ridiculous as well. The reality is that it will produce possibly 1,500 jobs during the construction phase and about 50 jobs after the pipe line is complete.

 This proves to me once again that my republican representative could care less about the people who elected him into office. Instead, he stays on party lines and this makes me wonder because the Canadian company that wants to build the pipeline has invested millions of dollars into lobbying for the pipeline. Makes me wonder just how much the lobbies offered my representative! 
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I agree. While the Republicans have continuously gone 'on air' to state they represent the people, that they represented the 'middle class', therefore refused to increase taxes, why now must they add a 'Monkey on our back' BIG OIL BILL to a no tax increase for middle class Americans? After all, the Republicans consistently repeated their ob<x>jective was no tax increases. The Republicans refuse to extend tax cuts to the middle class unless the rest of Congress and the President gives into their contingency for a BIG GAS XL pipeline. It confirms the Republican rhetoric of 'no tax increase' was only for the 1% wealthiest of Americans. Hypercrits!!! <br />
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