I Think Hate Is a Strong Word....

I think hate is a strong word. First off I am a Republican and second you shouldn't hate a group just becasue you don't agree with what they beilve in.
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I don't think hate is too strong. Not when you look at all the terrible damage repugs have done.

if you step back a few years and remember when bush thru a poor griving mother [at his ranch] for griving over her sons death [which he caused] is a dirty s.o.b.and then saids he had wrong info on iraq. duh!!!!!

I hate when I can't buy food any more I hate when I can't buy gas any more.I hate it when evey rich person is getting richer off of poor people.what I'm suppose to love this guy. OH!!!ONE OTHER THING.your are on the wrong forum aren't you suppose to be on the I support macain forum.rebublicans can't run a snowball stand stand.much less a country.so as you blame the democrats think back how it was eight years ago.before the rebublicans started messing with the stock market and belive me it will never be the same again we are in for hard times.he never got osama because hes to stupid.nether will macain

you are a republican!!!! [WELL WE ALL CAN'T BE PERFECT]

I don't hate republicans (I live with one) but I think I hate neocons!<br />
I like what the republican party was supposed to stand for (like being fiscally responsible) but I don't like what it has become.

Hate is a strong word. I can definitely say that I strongly dislike Republican ideals and most of the Republican platform, but I have Republican friends and because of where I live most of the people I know are probably Republicans, and I don't hate them, most of them are very nice people and even most of the Republicans with whom I have discussed politics have been open-minded and civil (which, sorry, but some of the more famous members of the Republican party are uncompromising and absolutely aggravating- people like Bill O'Reilly). Whether Republican or Democrat, as long as you don't try to force your political ideals down my throat and aren't a hot-blooded psycho who lets politics run your life, I'm fine discussing with you.

Great comment!!!!

I agree totally. I also am a rebublican. I do not hate democrats or the party. There are actully some things democrats stand and fight for that I even agree with. <br />
<br />
Besides inst it odd that a democrat would "hate" a group of people. Isnt that the opposite of the democratic view that all men are created equal and are deserving of our love and support??