I just did a serch for Republican's and came up with this group among a few others. I was wondering if there was a group called "I hate democrats"  .. found a few  groups but they had like 1 member .. so then I serched "I hate liberals" again .. same results a group exsist with 1-2 members. Now I happen to know there are other Republicans/ Conservatives on here but they do not spout hatered. Of course there is also the Democratic Underground website where more hatered is spouted. 

just an interesting observation about this party ....

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How fast will GOP beat the left at their own game & bus in Dem Convention protesters to NC, against FEMA Camps & diktats<br />
<br />
Asked By: ShyButCreativeSexyGuy 1 hour ago, 3 days left to answer.<br />
<br />
<br />
You know Chairman Maobama, aka Bloodsucking Count Obacula, aka Pats Himself On Back, aka OB1-Can't-Own-Me, aka OB'Jabberer, aka Obummer destroys the great US Constitution ruthlessly, to persuade Illuminati to make him head of secret One World Govt, out for 80% world depopulation, per movies The Obama Deception, The Fall Of The Republic & Endgame, so protest & DEMO<br />
<br />
Email media & mobilise your networks NOW<br />
<br />
Do it for Beyonce's birthday<br />
<br />
Yo, Charlotte, Charleston, Nashville, Asheville & Atlanta megachurches<br />
<br />
GO 4 IT !!!

the word hate these days, has a lot more slam- dam- thank you mam..... effect to it ...<br />
<br />
back then 20/30 years ago..... I don't ever remember hearing anyone mentioning/saying the word hate carried such a heavy tone to it..... <br />
<br />
we usded the word as, I hate this or that.... no one ever applied the spin we see on it these days. <br />
<br />
the word" hate" back then, was used in a casual reflection...<br />
<br />
their were no phrase as " hate crime" we used "raciest"<br />
<br />
I'm thinking they ( who ever the powers that may be ) <br />
<br />
decided that " hate crime" phrase, is far less intrusive, wording, <br />
<br />
a way to gently accuse a group or person, of not liking a certain group out side their own.

swatgirl you go girl tell'em

these people must've been asleep for the last eight years during the bush years,and yes I would use the word hate .I will agree with swatgirl that bush must hate poor people.yes I'm a libbral at lest the money is spread in this country.welfare LOVE least it dosen't end up over seas in the enamies pockets.and do I profile rag heads YES I do. are we to welcome sleeper cells with open arms I don't think so.republicans set this country back a 100 yrs

Okay, I just read the other comments. Senator McCain is a republican, and he supports immigration. One of many reasons that I like him, he cares about people, he just doesn't say he cares about people, he shows that he does! <br />
Also, did you know that at the beginning of this country (US), we were one vote away from German being the language we use?<br />
Maybe we should have come here and learned to speak Navajo.<br />
Also, we need immigrants, check the statistics in economics at the government websites, like bureau of labor and statistics!

I have trouble fitting my political priorities into only two parties. I take a little here, a little there, but I cannot commit to a certain party. However, I would hate republicans too if I believed everything the media spews out there. Additionally, I am sick of sticking up for Bush all the time, since I really don't like him, but if you are going to criticize someone for something, at least get the cause and effects right, and the right person to blame.<br />
Besides, we need more political parties to realistically reflect our priorities. The whole system is completely frustrating to me, and I think bias and manipulation are a dangerous combination when providing information.

You are right that there are more than just mexicans here but if you really think there are a small number of mexicans you really have your head in the sand. I will not post anymore here It is a mute point to argue with someone who refuses to face reality. Perhaps when you get older and more mature you will see the truth with your own eyes.

Just because you do not agree with the system, it doesn't mean you can break the laws. Now, if you want to change the system then set about doing it. As I said earlier my brother-n-law came through legally the very system you are talking about. And he is a legal citizen now. I am not sure if he graduated high school, I never asked him, I do know however that he has not been to collage. He is a hard worker and he had determination to change his life, he did it legally and is far better for it. And in case you are wondering he is Hispanic, and he speaks english. He never once has complained about the system, although he doesn't think its fair that he did all the right things and others just walk over the border and take advantage of the system they way most of them do.

What a crock- I never insulted them. I never said they weren't smart enough, only that some have insufficient education to be able to navigate the system- and you completely disregarded what I said about the system. Isn't that convenient, that I can cover a range of points and enable you to ignore the arguments you can't refute me on?

Our ancestors followed the laws of the times. And to say that the illegal aliens that are here today are not smart enough or educated enough to become citizens legally, well thats just insulting to them.

Your ancestors and mine arrived in the U.S. before strict immigration policies focusing more on eugenics than anything were implemented in the early 20th century that severely restricted the ability for people of certain ethnicities or regions to be able to legally step onto American soil. Good for your relative getting his citizenship, but I'd probably be right if I guessed he was well-educated and therefore in a comparably advantageous position. Most of the people in Mexico who are trying to get across the border, illegally or not, have not been well-educated and would have an extremely difficult time obtaining citizenship due not only to standards that are unrealistically high for them, but because the people responsible for the process of making them citizens will take advantage of their naivete and prevent it from happening, ever.<br />
I don't believe the law is always right, which means I've surpassed the psychological "right vs. wrong" mechanisms of a preteen. I don't believe it's right to turn people away when we are supposed to stand out as a land of opportunity and a country that values the rights of all people. So yes, I think in this case I can accept that they've broken the law and they are doing more to make up for it than you or many others will ever give them credit for.

Here are some numbers for you:<br />
<br />
The test are too darn hard? Amazingly my brother-n-law who came here legally has taken the test and it is a legal citizen of the US. So there is too much paperwork to get through to get here? My ancestors came to this country legally, as most did. We can not just open our borders to anyone, there are laws in place that should be followed. If I am understanding you correctly, you think its ok for them to break the law? They broke the law when they came over the border and should be deported. <br />
And just so you know, there are pleanty of legal citizens who do pick up trash, I do my own lawn work and maintance on our home. If we need to hire some one to do the work for us, we hire citizens, I do not employee illegals.

Wandaslife: don't believe what THEY feed YOU. Have you ever been to the border between Mexico and the U.S. and seen illegal immigrants exploit health care with your own eyes? Have you ever personally known an illegal immigrant? You treat them like statistics- these are PEOPLE. People who could be citizens if the test wasn't so damn hard and the process so damn long, or they could have green cards if it hadn't been refused of them by the government. The country might not "implode" if we deported every single illegal immigrant who is here (10 million out of about 300 million people- that's a good 3% or more. Doesn't sound like a lot, but IT IS) but it would certainly have a noticeable impact. <br />
<br />
Also I can't believe you still trust that idiot Bush... he's not representing anyone well... but that's a whole other story.

There ya go again, believing the left. I assure you this country will not implode if we deport illegal's. And seriously, study your facts. Don't believe what they feed you. If there is anything Bush has let me down on it's immigration. That's why my represenatives have heard from me.

To learn any language can be a task, but it is attainable if you want it bad enough!!!! ps thisisnotbilly illegal, illegal,illegal.Double talk. i live in calif.

Ok so you deport the 10+ million illegal immigrants now who's going to take their jobs and how much are you going to complain when the price of everything goes through the roof.<br />
Plus how much would it cost to find them and send them back?<br />
Also I've lived in Texas, California and now in Nevada and trust me the majority of these people are not only hard working but will do almost any job I don't know where you see these people sneaking over the border for heath care.

I never said that English was the offical language .. go back and reread. even having that discussion is stupid and I am not going to waste my time on that point.<br />
You do not believe illegal immigrants are a drain on our economy? Amazing .. go to the border there and watch them come across the border and use our hospitals, then after being treated they turn around and walk right back over the border never paying a dime for the medical care. Who do you think pays for it? You and I do chief. Through high taxes. Now trust me I am not oblivious to the fact that their are many Amercians who abuse the system as well. And you are right, there are immigrants who have stolen and fake SS#'s to file taxes .. hmm thats making a lot of sense, now why would they do that. Maybe because they can't get a legitimant job without once again breaking the law. So they lie and use false SS#'s and yes taxes are taking out. Well then, that makes it ok huh. Give me a break, and while everyone is focusing on the influx from Mexico what about other people who are here illegally and do mean us harm? Have you thought about that? So the problem is a lot broader that you are talking about here. BTW, my brother in law is from ElSalvador and came here legally and has now gotten his citizenship. Why should he go through the proper channels, do the right thing and other can steal their way into this country and be pardoned. Not in my book and everytime some stupid legilation comes up saying to let em stay and forgive and forget, you better believe I will be writting my congressman and protesting outside their offices. If you break the law you pay the price and the price for illegally coming into this country is DEPORTATION.

Don't sen me to do research until you do your own, the US has no official language.<br />
<br />
And illegals do put a strain on our economy in the sense that some of the money they earn is sent back to their home countries but not to the extent we're lead to believe.<br />
<br />
And if we want to talk about people who hate us lets talk about the whole new generation of Iraqis that are growing up in US occupation that are being brain washed to hate us. Oh and by the way we're hated by most countries even tho' everyone wants to live here.

Do you really think that the policy don't ask don't tell is supporting gay rights, you are sorely mistaken. What an insult.... Lets shove them all back in the closet.I don't understand that mind set.

First of all, I do not hate anyone. I do not like supporting people who break the laws .. such as coming illegally into this country. I think they should be deported, no questions asked. I don't care if they have "anchor" children. It is not my responsbility to take care of them. Nothing else should factor in other than they came into this country illegally, I don't care what language they speak. <br />
<br />
However, ThisisnotBilly, the languge in this country has been Englsih for awhile. I wonder if I went to Germany and wanted them to speak English to appease me, think it would cause much controvery? I highly doubt it. And you could say the same ffor any other country. Also, if you don't think illegals are a drain on the economy .. HAHA ,, better do some real research and stop listening to the media feed you a bunch of bull. In closing , while we argue of the word "hate" lets not forget 9-11-01. And the "people" who HATE us. Therein lies our enemy. and no matter your political beliefs, on this point we should all agree to suppot the war on terror. God Bless.

Hi Mother,<br />
First of all there's no official language in the US so no one has to learn anything!<br />
And second, what state do you live in that the "illegals" are draining resources? <br />
Did you know that almost all illegal imigrants work with fake social security numbers and contribute to the SSI system even tho' they'll never see a penny of back?


Republicans are much more apt to hate. They are the party of intolerance. That is why Democrats support gay rights. And Republicans must hate poor people, that's why they are unconcerned with the problems of lower class people. Republicans also hate illegal immigrants, showing no empathy for that group of people whatsoever.

If you don't think this country is divided you must have not paid attention to our last 2 elections.

Right you are, you may not agree with a certain group, americans better wake up and stop using such harsh wotds, this is our country together we stand, divided we fall, and it is ok to disagree. Families have disagreements but they do not HATE their family, food for thought. Wake up Americans!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who can hate a group??? very strange to use a word like hate and feel like they could be in the right, curious.....