Who Can Be a Republican?

I dislike Republicans.  There can be no meaningful conversation with a Republican.   They do not do ANYTHING FOR THE regular people...The rich get richer they have No Conscience  what so ever.  And BUSH  is a stubborn IDIOT!
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How fast will GOP beat the left at their own game & bus in Dem Convention protesters to NC, against FEMA Camps & diktats<br />
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Asked By: ShyButCreativeSexyGuy 1 hour ago, 3 days left to answer.<br />
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You know Chairman Maobama, aka Bloodsucking Count Obacula, aka Pats Himself On Back, aka OB1-Can't-Own-Me, aka OB'Jabberer, aka Obummer destroys the great US Constitution ruthlessly, to persuade Illuminati to make him head of secret One World Govt, out for 80% world depopulation, per movies The Obama Deception, The Fall Of The Republic & Endgame, so protest & DEMO<br />
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Email media & mobilise your networks NOW<br />
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Do it for Beyonce's birthday<br />
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Yo, Charlotte, Charleston, Nashville, Asheville & Atlanta megachurches<br />
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GO 4 IT !!!

Someone who thinks of nothing but themselves.

Yeah!<br />
You mention Hippie like it's a bad thing what's wrong with make love not war.

Why not make the mexican government be responsible for their own? The old fox, their president.


This war is not doing anything about terrorism. And I guess you'd have immigrants die rather than help out the less fortunate. Democrats support healthcare for the poor citizens, too.

This is not Billy, you missed the whole point, i am talking about the entire system being screwed up, and not taking care of our own. Terrorism is real, we do not like it, i guess we can let them terrorise us because they have rights.

Ahh, the sounds of arguing over other people words and opinions. I think thats how most wars begin anyway. In my country politicians would be prosecuted to the the fullest extend of my laws if they screwed up, lied, caused, stole, or fed misinformation to the public. I guess there would be a lot of public executions in the beginning but they would learn how to perform the job the way its supposed to be run not the way they want it.

So abortion is bad but war is necessary.<br />
Isn't being "pro-life" and "pro-war" contradictory?

Get over it, no one likes war it is just a necessary evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You don't want your taxes to pay for "abortions, illegal citizens medical, dental and food stamps, prisoners, medical dental etc." <br />
Well I don't want my taxes to fund an unnecessary war.

We are all taxpayers, think before you speak, the liberals want us to pay for abortions, illegal citizizens medical, dental and food stamps, prisoners, medical dental etc. and in our own country elderly people are struggling, because they cannot afford medical and prescriptions and just living. there is something terribly wrong with our ENTIRE GOVERNMENT, shame on us we cannot even care for our own, you must be a younger person, i used to think like this too, but i am older and really see the holes in our system and it is very scary. A TAXPAYERS NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!!!

huh? I am a regular person, not rich by any means. you do realize that there are a lot of rich democrats, and I think your argument here is mute.