Only the Mid to Far Right Are the Bad Ones

First of all I don't think all Republicans are vile, dispicable human beings... just the people they choose to represent them are.

Pay attention children- here's how the conservative spectrum works, the further to the right your ideology is, the higher your level of hypocrisy is....which in turn is inversely proportional to your ability to perceive irony.

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1 Response Feb 13, 2009

It's very difficult to separate the person from his or her ideology because ideology represents values, and it's so hard to respect values when they support such notions as "poor people should not be spared the harsh effects of 'moral hazard' ["Don't help them if you don't want to. It's okay if they suffer in the misery of poverty."] because then they will add insolence to aggravate the egregious effects of their laziness." Or how about this: "We can torture terrorists without the benefit of ascertaining whether they are truly terrorists or not. Just because we paid thief-takers in Kabul bounty on whomever they delivered does not mean we should lack confidence in the moral clarity of our justice." Here's another one: "Just because American life expectancies are statistically shorter and infant mortality in the US is at a much higher rate than other very wealthy industrialized nations at a cost of a percentage of GDP 50% to 100% greater than these others doesn't mean the American health care system isn't the best in the world. And, if we let everyone get health care, then we'll have to start rationing it!"<br />
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Here's another beaut: The liberal media supposedly discriminates against conservative Republicans, but don't they scream bloody murder when they think Congress might work to reenact the "Fairness Doctrine" struck down in the 1980s that once required media outlets to air competing opinions on political matters?<br />
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There are so many instances of willful obduracy to cite that I'd bore you more than I have already, but it's hard to like people I have such difficulty respecting when I'm convinced their ideas have had such a pernicious effect on our country and its progress toward a better world.