My Hate Has Isolated Me

I was raised in a Republican family. I never heard politics discussed beyond the "fortune cookie note:" lower taxes, small government, pro-military, free-market. That's it. No details. No explanations. In short - NO DEPTH!  And "no depth" means "no thinking." Over the years I've lost friends over my migration to a "center-left" position.  I believe in "appropriate government" and that boils down to leaving personal decisions "personal" and ensuring we have protections against the human tendency to hoard, self-protect and exploit those outside a specific circle or definition. I don't believe this is willful, it is simply possible. The exploitation of American capitalist greed is easy because those doing the exploitation never ever get near the victims. They don't live with them or eat with them. They don't travel with them or see them in any way. They (the majority of our society) are raw material for the corporations that dictate the current United States.

My parents only watch Fox News and they listen to Rush Limbaugh and some other extremist right-wingers. When I ask them pointed questions that challenge their world-view they respond angrily. I often sigh and say, "see how you respond--with anger and malice. That is exactly what all Republicans do. Democrats and Independents tend to be more thoughtful and less impulsive in my experience." It saddens me that the current 24-hour news cycles keep my parents in an "angry" state regarding anything political. They don't see anything good about Obama. They can't even open their ears and eyes. I've essentially given up and will soon be seeing them on holidays and birthdays.

It's hard to realize that my parents and friends care about me, but they don't care about anyone outside the immediate family and close friends. It's a mental place I simply can't stay.

That's my story. It seems this could be a good place to vent for the next three years.

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1 Response Feb 25, 2010

I come from a long line of Republicans myself. My parents were Republicans and both sets of grandparents were Republicans. I was once a Republican myself, but I was a California Republican which is a lot different (think Arnold Schwarzenegger). Once I moved to Texas for graduate school and saw what real Republicans were like I wanted no part of it and become the lone liberal in my family. I'm proud to say, however, that everyone in my immediate family voted for Obama in 08 and my mom and sister have actually switched parties. <br />
I hear you about all the hate talk and shallow analysis of all the issues. I honestly don't get what these folks are so ticked off about, or why anyone would want to listen to Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh or any of those bloviating douchebags. Then there's the tea party movement that can't even articulate what it stands for and Sarah Palin who can't articulate anything. <br />
I was hoping after Bush left office the country would unite against the common enemy of our democracy - corporations - but the nation is more polarized now than ever.